Diablo 4: Are You Also Struggling Whether To Salvage Or Sell Your Loot?

One question I get all the time is, which items should you salvage? Which items should you sell?

Some About Players’ Economy

Now for this answer, you need to understand a little bit about the player, like economy, about when and how to use all of your stuff. So you need sells materials to upgrade your items, so you want to rank them up to five at least in a late game and this costs certain materials.

On the other hand, you need Diablo 4 Gold as well. Two for example, extract items, imprint items, and much more importantly, reroll items. If you roll an item, and you want to try to get a certain stat, you can easily go into like the dozens of millions. Because you spend like you know one two three five million per roll at some point very very quickly.

So gold is a very important resource, and it is also the main resource used for trading items between players on top of that. The thing is that the main way to acquire gold is not by picking it up on the ground, when you walk through the monsters you know they drop like 100 gold here and 200 there. That’s nothing if you look at for example this item here, it can sell for 22000 D4 gold one single item.

The Importance Of Slots

Some slots can be a bit more, sometimes a bit less, so that depends a bit on the item power and which slot. But generally, higher level rails sell for something like 10 to 25k or so, and on average I would say something like 15k.

When you have an entire inventory of 33 Diablo 4 Items, you sell them all you get like half a million gold. Now on the other hand your materials tab will fill up pretty quickly, pretty easily. So especially stuff like Rawhide actually also drops from monsters, so you just find us like everywhere you see I’m at the cap, no 9999 as the cap, so if I go here and I start salvaging now.

Select all junk you’re gonna see this gets me every time. So when you sell armor pieces you’re gonna get raw height, and then you sell weapons, you’re gonna get these iron chunks and silver chunks and the same for the jewelry.

Not Every Item Is Worth Your Salvage

So at the very least you won’t really have to worry about salvaging armor pieces, because Rawhide just comes in the superior leather as well, or versus you can convert them into the Alchemist. You’re mostly more concerned about this Silver Ore here, because that can actually run kind of low, so you can try to like clickers always whenever you go outside. And you know farming or something, but for the most part, establish some Diablo 4 weapons and some jewelry down.

But at some point you’re gonna reach the point where it just doesn’t really matter anymore, and that actually comes very very soon in the game. Even made crystals just keep dropping in a late game, just elite facts can just drop like two three red crystals here and there and you see I’m also generally at the cap, and usually the entire screen is cluttered with Rawhide and crystals everywhere. It’s a mess but that’s how the game works.

Stop Salvaging Items And Sell Them

When I started playing the game, I actually stopped salvaging items really soon, because I realized that I just don’t need those materials. We don’t really find enough item upgrades to like rank them up and actually spend all of these materials all the time. Because in a late game, here and there you find like a really nice piece and you’re going to hold on to it for you know sometimes days at a time, and then the higher goal the less often you replace the items, because you already have really good stuff, and those super op drops are just really really rare.

So even my first character when I started out, I basically stopped the salvaging items all together at like level 60 or level 70 or something like that. I just never looked back, and from this point on you’re basically want to sell everything to the vendor, everything you find, including uniques, especially uniques. Because they’re quite valuable, they can have like 100 to 100K gold or something, and even legendaries, I’m just telling legendaries. So if you have enough of these legendary materials, that you need for imprinting and stuff, you see they’re also just like accumulating.

I have been selling legendaries for a long time at this point, and I just have hundreds of these things. They also drop for example from events, so whenever you do like you know like a chest event, or some zone event, or something like that the sometimes they drop like three four of these materials, and again it don’t really use them too often in late game.

Some Other Suggestions For You

You can maybe think about still establishing legendaries, but at least anything below legendary, you just mark them like this, with space in case you didn’t know that, go to render and then run right click, sells them all. Unfortunately, there’s no set all feature, so we have to wait for that, because this is actually what you do.

You don’t really establish items starting at good items at the very least I would just sell everything, and if you ever run into the situation where you might run low on some of those materials, you can still start selling more items of that type from there.

But if you consistently sell items, and then let’s say you do a dungeon run in like five minutes, you feel the entire inventory, you get like half a million gold, it’s like 10 minutes or 1 million, that’s like five six plus million gold an hour, just from selling items that you find.

Basically even at level 100, you can farm up an entire respect in like an hour or two or so, pretty reliably. One thing to note here that at least right now if you mark sigils as young that you don’t want to have anymore, like this and then you also do this with items, that will be sold to the vendor as well. When you sell items, so you see here, they will disappear from my schedule Tab and they actually hear in the buyback. You want to make sure that you only marks sigils as junk when you are actually going to salvage them.


In any case, sell everything as soon as in Endgame, and if you ever run low on some materials, start salvaging a bit again. But for the most part it’s a sales sell sell all the time, and that’s about it. Hope you like this one, I wish you good luck.

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