Defective Airbags Raise the Possibility of Tragic Collisions

In contemporary automobiles, airbags are a crucial component of safety. They may lessen the number of people hurt or killed in auto accidents. Airbags are thought to have directly saved more than 50,000 lives between 1987 and 2017. Read on to learn more.

Defective Airbags

However, they might be flawed, just like many other components in your car. When you are in a car accident, it is possible that your airbags will not deploy. The following are the most frequent causes of automobile airbags failing to deploy during collisions.

  1. Airbags are intended to deploy in the proper situations. If you were in an accident and your airbags did not deploy, it was probably not the right “type” of an accident.
  2. Unreliable Sensors – If your airbag should have deployed after the collision you were in but did not, the airbag sensors may be personal injury lawyers Edmonton. 
  3. Inadequate Electrical Parts – The airbags may fail to deploy when they ought to due to faulty wiring. By interacting with the sensors and the airbag units themselves, these parts are intended to trigger the airbags.
  4. Fraying or Damaged Wiring – If the wire passes via places that might be damaged in a little collision, airbags frequently do not activate. 
  5. Faulty airbag components – The airbag module is the element in charge of timely airbag distribution. Lack of implementation may indicate a defective module resulting from a subpar manufacturing procedure or subpar quality control.

Common Flaws That Cause Airbags to Fail to Deploy in Collisions

Several typical airbag flaws, in addition to those just mentioned, might interfere with airbag deployment.

  • The Clock Spring – When you need the airbag the most, a broken clock spring in the steering wheel might make it malfunction. You might be unable to connect the airbag control module and the steering wheel airbag if the clock spring is damaged.
  • Electronic Control Device – Issues with an automobile’s ECU, or electronic control unit, might prevent the airbags from inflating. The ECU may not try to deploy the airbags again if it has mistakenly logged erroneous collision data because it thinks the airbags have already been deployed.

What Should You Do If Your Airbags Are Broken?

If you believe your car’s airbags are malfunctioning, take them as soon as possible to a reputable repair facility to have a mechanic inspect them.

Lawsuits Resulting From Faulty Airbags In An Accident

You could be qualified to bring a product liability claim if you were hurt in a car accident and a faulty airbag worsened your injuries. You can receive a consultation from an expert personal injury lawyers Edmonton to better understand your position. Do not hesitate or be concerned; these attorneys have assisted thousands of wounded drivers and passengers.

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