Day Trips to Take if You Live in Bellevue, WA

Seattle/Bellevue is a fantastic place to live, offering a mild climate and plenty of great work opportunities for young professionals. The area’s conditions are perfect for getting out and exploring nature, and thankfully the Pacific Northwest offers up plenty of amazing places where you can do so. So if you’ve just closed on one of the Bellevue houses for sale and are looking for some fun places to explore on the weekend, where should you look? Here are some day trips you should take if you live in Bellevue, WA. 

Mount Rainier

If you know anything about Washington, then chances are you’ve probably heard of Mount Rainer. The mountain is the largest in the entire state, as well as the largest in the Cascade Range. Mount Rainier has a lot to offer no matter what you’re interested in, offering up a whole slew of activities to choose from. Mount Rainier also offers spectacular views, especially at places like the aptly named Panorama Point. If you want an iconic day trip location that has it all, then you need to check out Mount Rainier. 

Olympic National Park

If you’re planning on taking a day trip to Olympic National Park prepare for a bit of travel time. Getting to Olympic National Park can take anywhere between 2-3 hours, meaning you’ll have to dedicate a good portion of the day to travel. That being said, the trip is well worth the time. There are so many hikes to complete in Olympic National Park, regardless of what your hiking skill level is. Additionally, the park has a beautifully diverse ecosystem, allowing you to see all different kinds of intriguing animals. 

North Cascades National Park

Another longer day trip you can take is North Cascades National Park, being just a little bit closer than Olympic National Park. Just like its counterpart, the drive to North Cascades is more than worth it. Beautiful glacier peaks and crystal-clear alpine lakes are plentiful in the park. Many of the park’s views seem like they belong on a postcard. In fact, many people believe this is not only one of the most scenic parks in Washington but also throughout the entire United States. If you want to take in some truly stunning views, then you need to check out North Cascades National Park. 

Snoqualmie Falls 

With gas prices rising, Snoqualmie Falls might be the ultimate budget option for Bellevue natives. The location is less than an hour away from the Seattle/Bellevue area, meaning you’ll spend a lot less on gas. Additionally, Snoqualmie Falls is absolutely free to enter, so you’ll hardly spend any money at all. The waterfall is over 250 feet high and cascades over some beautiful scenery, making it well worth the short trip. The fall’s short drive also means that you won’t have to dedicate an entire day to this day trip. 

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