Custom Paperweight Uses

Promotional glass paperweights are the perfect handout during business gatherings, shows, or festive evenings. We’ve looked at 10 alternative methods to use a customized glass paperweight at your events to wow your clients, vendors, and attendees.

A terrific method to place your brand on the desk of your most important clients or to recognize top employees is with engraved promotional glass paperweights. A custom paperweight must be the ideal representation of your company, and when quality counts, a 3D crystal engraved paperweight presents excel. Every personalized glass paperweight is produced to your exact specifications, allowing us to tailor your message to each consumer.

Promotional glass paperweights are the perfect workplace present for staff members and a fantastic way to inspire a group or an individual. Every day it serves as a visible reminder to everyone in the company of your appreciation for the accomplishments of your personnel. In a sales office, it also ups the ante on the competitors, putting more pressure on the sales staff to succeed.

Selecting The Appropriate Decorative Technique

To make your advertising crystal paperweights stand out, use some of the amazing decorative techniques that the latest technology has to offer. Our customers are seeking for unique, high-end, custom presents that fit their budgets. Glass paperweights are no longer only about surface etching and sandblasting; instead, our customers demand high-quality presents that represent their brands.

Our software advancements have enabled 3D laser glass engraving to advance in amazing ways. As the top specialists in the area, there isn’t much we can’t design and engrave in incredible 3D detail, including buildings, logos, animals, products, and mascots.

We can now print stunning full-color graphics or logos into the crystal, thanks to recent advancements in UV print technology. If you want to entirely change the color of the crystal, apply a full-color print to the base of the crystal. If you want to add texture, emboss your design. Our in-house creative team enjoys experimenting with design concepts, and we would be delighted to create some images for you.

Don’t undervalue the value of making a good first impression when delivering your crystal engraved paperweights gift, which is why we always utilize presentation gift boxes with the satin lining of the highest caliber.

If you want to elevate your presents, you may brand our boxes with your logo or have a custom design printed on the wraparound sleeve.

How Come A Promotional Glass Paperweight Is Used?

Here are the top 10 applications that our customers have given promotional glass paperweights for:

  1. Prizes – Promotional paperweights are incredibly adaptable and may be used as giveaways during conferences, product launches, building openings, and even field sales. Promotional gifts made of crystal glass are seen as high-end since they consistently provide the appropriate impression while being surprisingly affordable. A win-win decision, then.
  2. Employee Recognition Awards – Give your top performer a gorgeous crystal desk present that will act as a daily reminder of how much your organization values and recognizes its efforts. This is the perfect employee recognition award.
  3. Paperweights are excellent long-service award presents since they serve as a constant reminder of the employees’ valuable contributions to the company. Nothing expresses appreciation like a crystal desktop gift.
  4. Company Anniversary Awards – Give your clients and employees a commemorative 3D engraved paperweight to mark significant company anniversaries. Therefore, whether your business is celebrating its 10th or 150th anniversary, this is a perfect way to do it. As an extra bonus, your brand will be prominently displayed on the desks of your most important clients every day. The ideal present for a business anniversary.
  5. New Product Launch: You’ll be astounded by the fine details we can engrave to accurately replicate your product in three dimensions. We can build anything. Thus, we can make magnificent promotional items that may be a phone, machines, food items, pieces of furniture, or an automobile.
  6. New building opening – Whether it’s a new warehouse, railway station, sailing clubhouse, residence, train station, or office building, we can capture your distinctive building in 3D detail. Buildings look fantastic in 3D crystal.
  7. A thank-you gift or souvenir for a significant project’s completion is a wonderful way to express gratitude to the project team. Our branded glass paperweights are perfect for speaker gifts or conference memories.
  8. Sports memorabilia and commemorative souvenirs – The ideal matchday or corporate event hospitality gift is an engraved paperweight. From rugby to football, tennis to motor racing, we can develop your own 3d corporate gift; this is a present that each recipient will appreciate.
  9. Bespoke glass paperweights may be customized to your particular demands, and they are wonderful retirement gifts to say goodbye and honor a lifetime of accomplishments.
  10. Tombstone gift – Crystal best serves to highlight significant accomplishments. It’s a wonderful approach to recognize the work of the entire team and celebrate the important achievement.