CSK vs PBKS teams analysis

Matches in the IPL 2022 are shaping up to be one of the most exciting due to the emergence of new teams, as well as the opposition of the old guard, such as Chennai Super Kings and Punjab Kings.

CSK strengths and weaknesses

Considering both teams in this battle, the Chennai Super Kings are clearly the favorites for the match. This team, founded in 2008, has already managed to win the league championship 4 times and repeatedly reached the final battles. This year is especially important for them – the team has every chance not only to win gold for the second year in a row but also to achieve the Mumbai Indians record of 5 wins. For those who are planning to place bets in the CSK vs KXIP match, it will be useful to get acquainted with the key figures of the match, as well as analyze the overall composition and their strengths.

As captain, this year’s team will be led by MC Dhoni, one of the most popular and talented cricketers in the world, as well as a man who has helped the team win gold more than once. In addition, both in terms of the whole team and retained players, CSK primarily sees the advantage of experience. So, one of the retained key cricketers was Ruturaj Gaikwad, who regularly shows his phenomenal opportunities among the all-rounders of Indian cricket. At IPL 2022, a strong and assertive game is expected from him, as well as from the entire roster.

Thus, the Chennai Super Kings have an experienced and confident squad. But, this is one of the disadvantages that opponents can take advantage of. The average age of the team is over 30 years old, which causes difficulties in terms of the physical capabilities of the players. First of all, this concerns endurance on the field, where the enemy will be able to impose high dynamics, which will lead to exhaustion and the use of an increasing amount of reserve. Also, CSK is waiting for other matches before the clash with PBKS, and this increases the likelihood of injury and loss of players, including key ones.

PBKS strengths and weaknesses

As for the Punjab Kings, this team does not have as many notable achievements in 14 years of existence, as the opponents. The team reached the final of the match only once, but in recent years they have not shown the best results. To reverse this losing streak, PBKS has completely overhauled the team’s roster and made significant adjustments to the number of key players that were retained as a result of the auction.

First of all, the changes affected the captain’s position. After 2 years as a captain, KL Rahul left this position and was taken over in IPL 2022 by Mayank Agarwal, one of the experienced players in Punjab Kings. Also, the team decided to keep Arshdeep Singh, who has been showing good results in the team since 2019. Another notable feature was the strengthening of the team by English players. So, according to the results of the auction, the team got all-rounder Liam Livingstone and wicket-keeper Jonny Bairstow.

Thus, the team has a rather interesting line-up, however, a lot of focus on all-rounders and a lack of batters can play their own unpleasant role in this match. In addition, the enemy has more experienced cricketers. So, in this year’s IPL schedule, we have another interesting match that has interesting potential for bettors.

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