Couple Pose Ideas for Wedding Photography 

Are you a couple looking for the best ideas for posing the bride and groom at your upcoming wedding? It takes knowledge and effort to create the perfect photos of a happy couple, and this is normally more than just choosing the right lighting and setting. It’s also making sure that you have the best pose. 

Here are fantastic photography pose ideas for weddings.

1. Blind Folded by Her pose

An age-old tradition states that a groom should not see the groom in her dress before the wedding. To make your shots interesting, you can choose a wedding shoot where the bride will cover the groom’s eyes before this is followed by a big reveal. This is an amazing pose for a wedding since this posse creates the basis for subsequent poses.

2. The First Look

The first look normally represents a big moment and a wedding photography expert should be there to record it. Ensure that you get a clear shot of the groom’s first look in her amazing wedding cloth and if there is a way that you can have the couple agrees to it, you can do this in private before the wedding.

3. Lying in the Grass pose

The grass represents a clean, natural environment, and especially when it’s during the summer, you can ask the bride and the groom for a playful shot while lying in the grass. Pose the couple, while putting their heads together, and they could also face different directions while their eyes remain closed. You can ask the bride to place her head on the groom’s face and you will take a photo that offers a sweet touch.

4. First Dance 

The first time that the groom and the bride dances together pose is among the best wedding photography poses that should never be missed. These first dances happen at the reception, but there are instances when couples practice for their dance during their photoshoot. This is one of the sweet memories that make a perfect memory for their big celebration photo album. One of these smart and unique pose ideas is to capture the moment from a balcony that is above the couple if this can be possible.

5. Wide Angle Drama

This wedding photography pose entails taking the couple out into nature for an attractive wide-angle shot. Depending on the location that the couple resides, you can have this staged in the woods, a desert o in a beautiful field. As a professional photographer, you can ask your couple to stand facing each other while holding hands.  They can be talking to each other and this helps to make them look natural as well as relaxed. Then you can take your wide-angle shot. This looks amazing from a reasonable distance, so you need to keep this in mind.

6. The Forehead Kiss

A forehead kiss is an amazing pose that helps the couple to relax. It helps the couples to tap into their connections while shooting the Photo Booth. Ask the groom to put his hand around the bride from behind, and suggest that he kisses her temple.