Corflute Signs

The corflute sign is excellent for essential outdoor advertising since it can withstand the elements, has a high-resolution print, and is UV and water-resistant. Sometimes, you need a simple, big sign to get the attention of people who might buy something or come to an event.

That is because corflute is a very cheap and lightweight material. Still, it is powerful and can stand up to the weather for much longer than is usually used.

Instead of spending all your money on yet another expensive banner, consider purchasing multiple inexpensive corflute signs to disperse your marketing materials. Also, because corflute is so light, it’s easy to hang them almost anywhere, depending on the situation. We offer fragile interstate to ensure your product gets to you safely.

Affordable Printing Services for Corrugated Plastic Signs

Have something coming up? Are you having a sale? But if you want to use a corflute sign when it’s windy, give it the support it needs. Corflute signs is also easy to bend, so if you want a “Toblerone” sign that you can put anywhere you want (within reason!), fold your corflute sheet in half in two places.

In what ways might have corflute signs printed benefit your company?

Corflute Signs are flexible

As was previously said, you can utilize corflute signs for a wide range of low-cost signage options. Corflute signs are usually thought of as temporary, but they can last for a long time with the proper support.

Attractive corflute signs are made well

Because of how Corflute is made, these signs have a clear pattern that makes them stand out. But if you want a smooth sign, you might want to try a metal sign.

Corflute signs can be movable

It’s easy to make your printed corflute sign easily transportable with just a piece of round bar and two cable ties. Put it in the ground where you need it, and when you’re done, pull it out and put it somewhere else.

Corflute sizes and custom printing

Corflute sheets are extensive and can be cut into many different sizes. Get in touch with us to find out if we have the right person for you.

Signs for businesses that are printed on corflute

Printed coreflute signs are an excellent choice for temporary signs that need to be light, durable, and weatherproof or for signs that need to be easy to move around as needed. Coreflute printed signs are used almost everywhere as wayfinding, directional, and advertising signs.

Different companies print business signs on corflute for customers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, the Gold Coast, Hobart, Darwin, and everywhere else in Australia. We can print the signs using your design, or we have graphic designers on staff that can help you design your corflute posters from scratch.

We not only print and design coreflute signs, but we can also make banners, flags, light boxes, fence wraps, and a list of other indoor and outdoor advertising signs.

The top 10 ways corflute signs are used:

Corflute signs are the best medium-term signs for many businesses and users. Corrugated plastic, called core-flute or corflute is like a cardboard box. The corrugated parts in the middle of plastic signs give them strength and depth.

3mm corflute is used to make the signs that cost the least. It’s better in some ways than 5mm, but it’s not as strong and tends to bend when windy outside. Signs made of 3mm corflute are best for Toblerone signs and other uses that need a certain amount of flexibility.

Five-millimeter corflute is a rigid sign material that you can use indoors and outdoors. A flatbed printer is used to print on corflute. A CNC router makes it easy to cut to size.

Site Safety Signage

Corflute signs are used in the construction industry more than in any other field. On construction sites, it’s essential that plastic symptoms last for at least six months outside and can stand up to the weather. There are many kinds of safety signs. There could be up to 200 different signs on big construction sites, ranging in size from 300mm x 200mm to 2.4m x 1.2m.

Election Signs

Depending on the area, the signs must be in the weather for up to three months. One of the good things about corflute is that it is easy to put up. Most election signs are held by a wooden stake that can be put in the soft ground quickly and taken out quickly. Almost all signs for elections are made of 5mm corflute. We want people who want to run for office to recycle corflute.

Real Estate Signs

Corflute is great for medium-term outdoor advertising because it shows colors well, and inks don’t fade quickly. Corflutes inform people about homes for sale or rent, upcoming developments, or help people find their way to a property.

Shop Signage

Even though they aren’t the best for indoor signs, retailers often use cheap corflute signs instead of foam boards or paper signs. Close up, the grooves in the corflute are easy to see, so people who want a high-end finish usually choose foam board instead. Corflute signs are more popular with clients who are on a tight budget. Because corrugated plastic keeps its shape, it can be made into any form you want. Many shops use custom-cut corflute shapes to make store displays.

Event Signs to Find Your Way

Signs are essential for significant events. Corflute is excellent material for showing people where to go and giving them information. Corflutes’ low price means that events can offer their guests how to get to the bathroom, the bar, the exit, etc. Corflute can be put up on small stakes or temporary fences.

Toblerone Signage

Toblerones also called “bollard signs,” show that you can use any object for advertising. The triangle-shaped 3mm corflute is used to cover bollards or posts. People often see triangular corrugated plastic signs in gas stations, shopping malls, and grocery stores. This sign is also great for putting on power poles or trees to let people know about an event.

Corflute A-Frames

There is a wide variety of uses for corflute a frames in the retail, real estate, educational, athletic, and event planning industries. The great thing about corflute A-frames is that you can change the corflute insets quickly and as often as needed to make new messages.

Field Signage

Signs made of corflute in a triangle shape are often seen at sporting events. The signs are easy to carry and store because they can be folded flat. There are holes on the bottom, so you can use the tent pegs to hold these signs down when it’s windy. You can also use weights, which are easy to hide inside the triangle-shaped prism.

Signage and branding for a property

Signs for landscaping businesses, signs for pool builders, signs for electricians, signs for AirBnB, signs for vacation rentals, signs for companies that do property maintenance, and signs for many other businesses that provide services.

Focus Banners can make any sign for business-to-business (B2B) or trade customers. Many printers and graphic designers all over the country buy corflute signs from us.

Why corflute is an excellent material for signs

Because of its unique qualities, Corflute has a lot to offer in the world of signs. It is lighter than most outdoor signs but more potent than signs that can bend in the same way. In our list of reasons to use corflute, we’ll discuss all these and more. Read on to find out more.


Affordability is a major factor in the selection of any sign material, and this is one of corflute greatest advantages. Temporary signs are often made out of corflute. If corflute were too expensive for short-term use, businesses would not use it in this ways. When you want to advertise a one-time event, corflute is a good choice because it is not too expensive.


Corflute is often used for outdoor signs because it can withstand the weather. It doesn’t take long to dry because it’s made of plastic, and water rolls off it. Corflute is also a light material, which makes it even