CoolSculpting of the Abdomen – Abdominal Fat Freezing

While many people are terrified of the “spare tire” or “muffin top,” a lot of people are still unable to achieve their target weight. The way our bodies store fat has a lot to do with this. We don’t have much influence over this. As a result, the abdomen is one of the most often treated areas at DaVinci Body Sculpting.

Customers who desire CoolSculpting on their stomachs frequently complain about their tummies protruding out of their clothing. They say they want want their clothes to fit better, not to lose a lot of weight (which is good, because Coolsculpting in Dubai is not a weight loss procedure). Confidence can be increased by having a smooth tummy, according to many people.

Remove some of those obstinate fat cells that have put your favorite pants in the back of your wardrobe by using CoolSculpting.

Is CoolSculpting for the Stomach Right for Me?

It’s important to realize that not everyone is a good candidate for Fat freezing in Dubai , which has been proven successful in every FDA-approved body location. The reason we request a meeting with potential clients is that we don’t know if you’re a good fit until we sit down and talk about your goals.

CoolSculpting is a fantastic option for people who are close to their ideal weight but are struggling to get rid of stubborn fat. To be considered for the position, candidates should already be living a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise and a balanced diet. They should also see this as a long-term shift in their way of life, not just a quick fix to their weight problems.

This means that each treatment region must meet its own unique set of requirements. Similar to how a personal trainer or fitness consultant uses calipers to determine their client’s overall body fat percentage, we’re looking for “pinchable” abdominal fat in candidates for CoolSculpting.

If you can pinch your stomach fat between your fingers, you may be a candidate for CoolSculpting. If the fat on your stomach is rigid and doesn’t move around easily, you aren’t a good candidate for abdominal treatment.

Understanding the difference between subcutaneous and visceral fat can help you comprehend why this distinction is so important.

Comparing visceral and subcutaneous fat

Internal organs are wrapped in visceral fat, which lies deep within the body. Having a lot of this type of fat increases your chance of developing diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and dementia, particularly if it’s concentrated in your abdomen. You get the “beer gut” if you eat a lot of this sort of fat (at least in part).

While the term “subcutaneous fat” refers to fat lying just below the surface of the skin, You can only get rid of it with CoolSculpting since it’s pliable and “pinchable.”

CoolSculpting Your Stomach: Other Considerations

One of the most important factors for women is diastasis, or a gap between abdominal muscles in the middle of the stomach. A “pooch” in the belly is the most common effect of this, but it can also occur in men owing to yo-yo dieting.

CoolSculpting cannot be used to treat diastasis recti, because diastasis recti is not a “fat condition.” An difficulty with your muscles.

If a woman has diastasis recti, she is still a good candidate to have CoolSculpting on her abdomen; however, the muscles must repair before the “pouch” can be removed.

Another post-pregnancy problem that may disqualify someone from having stomach CoolSculpting is excessive skin laxity. Exercise can assist tone and tighten the muscles, but the loose skin continues to be an issue. This time, a stomach tuck is necessary.

Finally, if the pinchable fat layer is greater than three inches thick, CoolSculpting will not achieve the desired results. Typically, we would recommend weight loss or liposuction in this case.

To what extent is excess stomach fat dangerous?

Our bodies have the ability to store fat in any way they want, but not all fat is created equal.

There are numerous health risks associated with excess abdominal fat, making it the most harmful fat. Diabetes, heart disease, and stroke are all associated with waistlines greater than 35 inches for women and 40 inches for men.

Though it was previously assumed that subcutaneous fat was less dangerous than visceral fat, medical opinion appears to be shifting.

A rising body of evidence reveals that subcutaneous fat cells on the abdomen, in particular, are equally as hazardous as visceral fat cells, according to Dr. Susan Fried, the Director of Boston University’s Boston Nutrition and Obesity Research Center.

Viscose fat cells can be reduced with diet and exercise, not CoolSculpting.

Your waistline will reduce and your health risks will decrease if you adopt healthy living habits.

Even if you’ve had CoolSculpting, you won’t be able to eliminate all of your subcutaneous fat cells or the visceral fat beneath them, and it’s unlikely that CoolSculpting can kill them all. There will always be those who fall by the wayside.

All CoolSculpting patients must maintain a healthy lifestyle, and we propose a low-calorie diet and frequent exercise as the best ways to accomplish this (whatever kind you find most enjoyable). Those who undergo CoolSculpting will be able to see the outcomes for a longer amount of time because of this.

A CoolSculpting Consultation for the Abdomen

The status of your abdominal muscles and visceral or subcutaneous fat will be examined during your appointment (whether or not there is a gap to indicate diastasis recti).

Your goals and expectations for CoolSculpting on your stomach will be discussed as well. Your goals and what CoolSculpting can do for you will guide us in creating a treatment plan that we believe will yield the best outcomes.

Even if we recommend a variety of therapies, we would never pressure you into purchasing something you don’t need. (In fact, we’ve turned away customers who weren’t ideal candidates previously!)

If you aren’t completely satisfied with your treatment plan, we won’t schedule you until you are. Even though everyone despises the camera, it’s the only method to see a difference in your body’s shape when you begin treatment.

Stomach CoolSculpting before-and-after photos

These are before-and-after images of CoolSculpting patients’ abdomens. Keeping in mind that each customer’s experience will be unique and that no two outcomes are alike is critical.

The cost of CoolSculpting the stomach is the most common issue among our potential clients, and we understand why. For many people, the cost of the CoolSculpting procedure is a major concern when deciding whether or not to go through with the operation.

Because of the many variables listed above, it is impossible to give a precise price estimate for CoolSculpting the abdomen over the phone. It’s impossible for us to fully understand your individual situation until we’re in the same room, looking at the treatment area and discussing the amount of fat you want to freeze.

How many applicators are needed to cover the area, as well as the thickness of the fat layer, determines how much it will cost to get CoolSculpting done on your stomach.

Monthly specials, multi-applicator or multi-session discounts, and special pricing events for those who attend our instructional programs are common.. We normally recommend a series of sessions in order to receive the best outcomes.

By refusing to provide rates over the phone, we’re not trying to trick you into coming in for a consultation and then forcing you to use our services (or on our website). Our goal is to offer you with the most accurate estimate possible so that you know what to expect from the process.

Our company’s reputation will be tarnished if we dishonestly mislead you. Also, if we don’t think you are a good candidate, we’ll let you know.