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Recently, the Internet has been filled with all kinds of offers promoting newer and newer websites offering Collector’s documents. There were even several different so-called “rankings” promoting individual companies producing documents while issuing negative ratings to companies that really did not deserve low ratings.

Many sites were created for one purpose only – to honestly review individual companies offering collector’s documents, without promoting anyone or keeping the page of this or that company. The evidence of any company is characterized by the highest quality of workmanship. Those who use professional equipment. Their documents are reproduced 1:1 like the original ones. They have security features in the form of micro prints, OVI ink, engraving, Braille characters, and holograms.

When reviewing a selected website, take into account such factors as:

  • Reproduction of the document and its visual aspects, including laser engraving, color reproduction, print quality and resolution, and having the so-called protrusions (grater, braille characters).
  • Having a hologram and the quality of its execution, e.g., three-dimensionality, shimmering against the light, optical colors.
  • The quality of the material from which the document is made, e.g., PVC or polycarbonate.
  • Ultraviolet printing, including quality of details, reproduction of the original.

In addition, take into account, among others, the fluidity of contact with the seller, the possibility of receiving photos of the document taken before shipment, and other aspects that affect the overall assessment of a given company.

The company offers professionally made dokumenty kolekcjonerskie at truly sensational prices. The quality is really good, it does not differ significantly from the documents offered by the pirate store, and the price difference is almost 100 dollars. Already for 300 dollars, you can buy a Polish ID card and a Polish and foreign driving license. An additional plus is a fact that premium documents offer custom-made documents that are not on their offer daily.

The workmanship is really flawless, collector’s documents have a colorful three-dimensional hologram, ultraviolet prints, protrusions, laser engraving, and optically variable paints. They are made of high-quality polycarbonate which gives a “metallic buzz” when dropping the document on the tabletop, which is something that collector’s documents produced on PVC plastic do not have in them.

New ID Card Type

The highest quality replica of the ID card. The document has the original security: a real HOLOGRAM, braille characters, a grater over the thumbnail of the photo, engraving perceptible under the fingers, and OVI paint (optically variable) on the back. Our collector’s documents have dimensions and thicknesses identical to the original ones. The collector’s document contains all the security features!

The best documents are on the market

This is evidenced by the fact that they have the best holograms you have ever seen and UV (ultraviolet) 1:1 printing as real. Their holograms are made in 3D technology. They sparkle under the light and look really authentic. In general, mastery, these are the best-made documents you have dealt with. People say that without any obstacles to their ID cards you can set up a bank account and fly a plane. We have no reason to doubt it because the quality of workmanship leaves the competition far behind with a clear conscience.

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