Climate Change Is Real: 5 Natural Disasters That Can Occur Because Of It

Every year the temperature of the earth is increasing so that it affects the environmental conditions. All over the world, climate change harms human life and brings disaster. Imbalanced ecosystems create havoc and chaos in the environment. This happened because various environmental damage often occurs due to human-made.

Have you ever wondered what happened to the plastic water bottle that you buy every day in the convenience store? How long does bottled water last before the plastic degrades? Well let us enlighten you, it takes up to 450 years for a single plastic bottle to completely degrade. Yes, that long! Can you imagine now what will happen if you don’t take extra precautions to fix this matter?


Just a week ago, a heavy flood took place in Seoul, Korea, killing 8 people in that tragic situation.

The Impact of Natural Damage Due to Floods is caused by people who are less concerned about the environment. As you can see from the recent flood in Korea, floods not only cause material damage but also cause many lives to be lost due to heavy currents.

You may wonder what caused the floods to happen. Well, nothing happened because of the garbage which was piling up in the landfill.


This disaster is one of the situations which often causes a lot of casualties. Many died because they were crushed by rocks from the slopes or hills. These disasters also often occur out of nowhere, making people who live near the proximity not have any time left to run.

The presence of illegal logging without reforestation causes erosion -which in the long run will damage the nearby area thus causing a landslide to be prone to happening.

Usually, if there is heavy rain in the mountain area, the slopes of the mountains or the trees in the surrounding area will absorb the water easily. A problem occurs when deforestation takes place, the rainwater will hit the ground directly, and eventually, erosion will occur.


The impact of pollution can directly affect our health. Making us prone to getting various diseases. The air is not the only thing that can be polluted, water can also get polluted because of improper waste disposal.

Water pollution usually happens because of human activities. If we leave water pollution unchecked without a proper way to fix this, the pollution can cause an entire ecosystem to collapse. Have you heard the news of many marine animals dying on the shore with garbage filling their stomachs? It is an example of the effect of water pollution.


The habitat of wild animals in the forest is increasingly threatened. Their dwellings are damaged due to human activities. Many irresponsible business owners who require factories are burning forests to get the land they need.

The impact of wildfire can have immediate and long-term effects. The most noticeable impact is stormwater runoff. After the trees and vegetation around the forest are gone due to the wildfire, the ground’s soil becomes hydrophobic. They can prevent the rainwater anymore. Thus the water around the forest that is polluted with sediment is flowing back to larger bodies of water. Post-fire floods will become another threat that may happen afterward.

Global Warming

The existence of global warming is often associated with the greenhouse effect. The earth’s temperature is increasing over time, thus might be the reason why you feel the summer heat is really on blast this time around.

Various industries play a role in the reason why the increase in temperature occurs. In addition, global warming is also due to the increase in carbon dioxide and the depletion of oxygen. The use of coal, deforestation, and wildfire are some reasons that cause carbon dioxide to increase.

Those were just a few examples of what disasters can happen if we keep our environment unchecked. You might think that you can’t do anything to help our earth, but it is not true at all. All of us can do something within our capacity to help the world.

For example, from now on you can avoid using plastic products, start recycling before throwing away your unused items, and be conscious before deciding to buy something. You can start small today for a greater impact tomorrow.

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