Choosing the Right Dock Lift for Your Boat

Choosing the right dock lift for your boat can be tricky, but with some research and knowledge, you can find the perfect lift to suit your boat. Here are some things to consider:


Unlike a top-of-ground dock lift, open dock lifts are permanently installed in a concrete pit. These units usually are less expensive than top-of-ground units. They are also less likely to interfere with underground utilities.

Recessed units have a wide range of loading capacities, from 4,000 pounds to 15,000 pounds. They are available with both push-button and spring-loaded mechanical activation systems. They are also available in various configurations, depending on the length of the ramp. Generally, the size of the dock leveler is the determining factor for the slope of the ramp.

Most manufacturers have appropriate end load axle ratings for corresponding maximum lifting capacities. Large specialty vehicles may exceed these limits. The weight of the load and the operator must be added to the total weight of the dock lift.


Unlike cantilever lifts, which require pilings and bolts to attach, horizontal Dock Lifts Charleston SC are easy to install and maintain. Depending on the model, the operating range varies from a few feet to several feet. This is the best solution for a wide range of facility applications.

A vertical boat lift is a great way to secure your boat above choppy waves. These lifts come in three models, with the best protection for a V-hull boat being the 14-foot model with three vertical bumpers. This lift also features horizontals to fill the gaps and an integrated step. It’s a little more expensive than the standard model, but it’s a wise investment.


Using sawtooth dock lifts can improve efficiency in a large operation. This is especially true in large-scale manufacturing. There is a lot of cargo to move, and getting from one end of the dock to the other without having to stop and reposition the cargo is invaluable.

Using sawtooth dock lifts also helps improve safety. This is especially true if the lift is installed in a well-lit area. In addition, the design is not prone to pilferage or theft. An adequately designed roadway should be structurally sound and have some drainage outlets.

A good sawtooth dock lift will make moving trucks from one end of the dock to the other a cinch. This is especially true when the lift is used for lifting large or bulky objects.

Blue Giant

Over the past fifty years, the loading dock industry has dramatically transformed. Many new product developments have been made during this time. Blue Giant has been an integral part of the industry’s movement. It has launched a new product line of dock levelers and is expanding its global presence.

Blue Giant manufactures many dock levelers, including mechanical, hydraulic, and air-powered models. These levelers are designed for easy operation and efficient docking. In addition, they are known for their unmatched performance.

The Blue Giant Mechanical Dock Leveler has a cadmium-plated hold-down system that is very reliable. It also maintains constant contact between the dock lip and the trailer bed.


Whether you’re looking to lift loads of heavy pallets or large carts, a Pflow lift is a wise investment. It is a proven winner in durability, quality, and reliability. Moreover, Pflow lifts are cost-effective and can be easily incorporated into existing mezzanines or other structures.

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