Choosing appropriate soft furnishings for your home

Soft furnishings impart the tone and feel to a house and play an essential role in building the soul of a room. From curtains to cushions, playful patterns and bright colors can liven up a room. It is important to choose the right fabrics for the soft furnishings to make an ordinary room look extraordinary and luxurious. Simply put, even the perfect bedsheet design can make a whole room look inviting.

Some of the important points to consider while investing in furnishings are requirements, appearance, durability, ease of maintenance, and budget. For example, no matter the carpet price it is understood that the carpet chosen should be durable.

Textures – Textures are a powerful tool that can transform any space. Simple twists and tweaks in designs can add depth and warmth. Most design magazines make use of overlapping textures or the same textures in different furnishings for an elegant and sophisticated feel. The use of leather or faux leather is quite popular. However, leather should be avoided in places with high humidity. Leather also needs to be waxed often to ensure it stays in shape.

Patterns – Patterns can be evocative and add a flourish of excitement to your space. There are numerous ways to incorporate patterns into your soft furnishings. You can use patterns by repeating colors and tones instead of repeating the patterns. Using patterns against a plain background in small spaces like cushions or chairs can also go a long way in creating a calming effect. Floral patterns can be considered for a corner chair with a footstool to make it an attraction in the room.

Colors – Using neutral colors will allow you to ensure that your furnishings don’t clash with the rest of the colors in the room. Adding bold and vibrant colors can uplift the mood of the room. Using too many bold colors which are unevenly spread can make it overwhelming. Patterns can create continuity and using the appropriate colors can accentuate the flow in a room. Using a color scheme is always a good option. An accent furnishing to make it pop out can make the whole picture better.

Layers – Layering is a subtle art meant to achieve depth and control the perspective of the on-looker. Playing around with tints, tones, patterns, and textures in layers can relay a rustic or a contemporary feel based on the combinations. For example, heavy curtains in front of sheer curtains give a cozy and homely feeling to the room. Layers can lead to the much fashionable trend of asymmetry in the room.

Apart from this, soft furnishings being used on furniture placed in areas susceptible to spoilage can be treated with chemicals to make it water-proof. Industrial agents are available, along with small sprays which can be used at home as well. These treatments are especially recommended when the house has children or pets. They do not disrupt the cloth or the feel of the cloth but make it spill-proof. Happy furnishing!

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