Child Custody Arrangements: How a Lawyer Can Help You

Divorcing a spouse comes with a number of difficulties. Carrying a child through your ordeal is the biggest one.

About 47% of divorces in Australia involve a child. It leaves both parties to decide on child custody arrangements, and a solution does not always come easily.

Keep reading to learn how a Divorce Lawyer Cook County can help.

Create a Fair Binding Agreement 

You and your ex can decide upon child custody arrangements outside of court. In fact, if you two can agree, you should do so to get your children into a steady routine as soon as possible, as the court process takes a long time.

Even if you opt out of court, you should still hire a child custody lawyer. This process requires loads of paperwork. Your signature binds a lasting agreement that will take time to change.

At the very least, in amicable situations, hire a lawyer just to make sure you do everything correctly. Let them read through and explain things you do not understand prior to you making any agreements.

Your lawyer will also help you keep your composure. They help keep you from hurting your case by making the other person look bad unjustly, posting negative things on social media, or sending angry text messages.

Receive Joint Child Custody

In most situations, joint custody best serves children of divorce. Research shows that they end up better adjusted than kids who end up living with only one parent.

Kids love their parents and want to spend time with both of them. Divorce should affect them as little as possible by both parties working together to make sure they make healthy custody arrangements.

Despite this, some people want to play dirty and deny the other parent time with the child without reasonable cause. In these instances, child custody legal support can help prove you fit to share parental responsibilities.

Protect Your Child

Some people should not raise children, despite biology. If you fear for your little one’s safety with the other parent, then a child custody lawyer can help you take the proper steps to prove the other party is unfit.

The court may deem your ex unfit to parent if they:

  • Cannot provide basic necessities
  • Abuse or neglect your child
  • Expose them to physically or psychologically damaging situations

Remember, your child is not a weapon. Please do not make serious allegations without just cause.

Child Support

A child custody lawyer can help you and your ex determine child support. If you spit joint custody equally, you might decide against it.

Or, if one of you takes the child more often, you may come up with a fair sum. Either way, a lawyer will help you put it properly in writing so the other party does not go back on your agreement.

Keep Child Custody Arrangements Civil

Divorce can make you feel your worst. But, hire a lawyer and keep this process civil to make the best out of your situation.

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