Tired of swallowing pain killers that leave your stomach upset and, even then, don’t relieve your pain? If yes, you might be willing to try out CBD after finding it at the top of the list that can treat pain without any side effects. When you have decided to switch to CBD for relieving pain and inflammation, you will find huge choices available on the internet. Gummies, pills, CBD Vape Oil, and creams are forms in which CBD is sold in the markets, and all of them can shoo away the pain. However, these choices make it tough to choose the appropriate ones for yourself. Generally, to treat pain, topical CBD is utilized, that is CBD cream. But does it soothe the pain? If you want to know more about it, read till the end.

Can CBD cream help with pain and inflammation?

Several early-stage researchers have been performed to determine the pain-relieving properties of CBD, and all of them had positive results. It for sure contains pain-relieving and soothing abilities to a great extent. Research conducted by PubMed central suggests that CBD can positively impact pain of any type and inflammation. According to studies, topical creams or CBD creams can help with the following pain:

●    Pain due to Arthritis:

A study was conducted on animals in 2016 that found out that CBD can have soothing and pain-relieving actions on the body. Also, one more study was conducted in 2017 that stated CBD creams could be safe and effective treatments for joint pains due to Arthritis. CBD creams can help you target treatment for specific joints.

●    Pain due to nerve damage:

A study was conducted in 2020 on the effects of topical CBD on people having nerve damage. This research ended up concluding that these people have experienced specific improvements in the intensity of pain. They found mainly relief in sharp, intense, cold and itchy pain.\

●    Pain in the jaw:

CBD can be most effective in treating facial pain and especially pain in the jaw. A study was conducted recently in 2019 regarding the effect of CBD hemp cream for muscle pain on facial pain. In this research, a person who applied topical CBD cream two times a day found less pain in two weeks.

●    Chronic pain:

CBD is also studied to treat general chronic pain. There is a bundle of research and reviews that support this fact. All these researches have ended up stating that cannabis dispensary can treat and help you relieve chronic pain. A review published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine proves that it can reduce inflammation and CBD.

How can you get the best CBD cream out of a wide variety?

There are tons of CBD products available in the market that are effective in treating pain. But choosing an appropriate cream is essential. Here is a guide on choosing the best one out:

  • It must be from a company that holds proof of their party testing by a compliant lab with ISO-17025.
  • The hemp extract in the CBD cream must be from hemp that is grown in the USA.
  • The cream must not contain more THC than 0.03% as it is not legalized and is harmful.
  • It must have certification of passing g tests for pesticides, metals and molds as per COA.
  • Have a look at the legality of the company from which you are buying g CBD cream.
  • Keep in mind that the company follows regulations mentioned by the FDA.
  • Get a review of other ingredients present in the cream except for CBD to ensure safety.


Research is continuing to decide the effect of CBD cream on pain. Still, many people have found successful results on different kinds of pain. Pick the best CBD cream from the market as per the checklist mentioned above to harvest maximum benefits. Pick full-spectrum CBD from the best and reputable company to ensure you get relief from pain and inflammation. Also, consult your doctor before using CBD to be safe. For sure, it is a natural pain reliever and is nothing about myth.