Casinos Not on GamStop – Are They Trustworthy Gaming Platforms?

In February of 2021, the UK’s Gambling Commission announced a new package of measures, hoping to make the online casino experience less engaging. Such a move made already frustrated UK players show more initiative in seeking out reputable casinos not on GamStop, or sites not licensed by the UKGC. In recent times, Britain’s gaming regulator has made somewhat of a tradition of passing new measures a couple of times per year. All of these aim to curb problem gambling in the country.

That trend stems from statistics released by the NHS in 2018, which showed that more than 280,000 people in England alone have a compulsion toward playing games of chance and betting on sports over the internet. What follows is a detailed explanation regarding non GamStop casinos and what has caused their latest popularity spike.

UKGC Regulation & GamStop Self-Exclusion

The UK’s Gambling Commission (UKGC)is a non-departmental body of the UK Government whose job is to oversee all gaming activity in Britain, except for spread betting, which the Financial Conduct Authority regulates. The UKGC came into existence with the passing of the Gambling Act of 2005 by Tony Blair’s government, and it took the place of the former Gaming Board for Great Britain in 2007.

GamStop is a multi-operator self-exclusion program that became mandatory for all UKGC-licensed platforms in March of 2020. It is a scheme that ties all UK online casinos together into one network. When a player decides to activate the self-exclusion option at one UK site, he will become unable to play at all UKGC-licensed platforms until his chosen self-exclusion period passes.

Over the past few years, UKGC online casinos have attained a reputation of being some of the more restrictive internet gaming homes in Europe. That is so because the UKGC mandates that all of its operators incorporate spin-timers, low max bet limits, no auto-play, a limited display of winning animations, and more. The mandatory inclusion of GamStop has also affected the desirability of these platforms, as there is no way to pause or cancel an activated self-exclusion.

Who Licenses Non GamStop Casinos?

Are there any casinos not on GamStop? There are thousands of them. Non GamStop bingo sites and casinos have gotten permission to offer their services globally by international regulators. Usually, such organizations have a home base in a country that has laxer laws regarding online gambling. Popular spots include Malta, Curacao, Panama, and Costa Rica.

Though it is accurate that most of these overseeing bodies operate from smaller countries, that should not fool anyone into thinking that they are not credible. For example, the Malta Gaming Authority, or MGA, has been active in this industry for two decades, and it is a super-trustworthy regulator, who is stricter in some aspects than the UKGC. Its game testing standards are up to par with the UKGC, and its minimum return-to-player percentage regarding online slots is 85%, which is higher than the land-based limit.

Are Online Casinos Not on GamStop Legal?

British laws say that only UKGC-regulated platforms can offer gambling services to UK residents. However, authorities do not prosecute those who choose to play at online casinos not on GamStop. They do not waste resources on such actions because most people view platform selection as a personal choice. All legal liability rests with the operators that decide to make their services available to UK residents, despite what UK laws state. Thus, it is super-unlikely that individual players would encounter legal issues concerning their activity at casinos not on GamBan or GamStop. There is no history of authorities taking such steps and no hints that they plan on doing so any time soon. So, for all intense and purposes, playing at casinos not blocked by GameStop is safer.

That said, players who cannot practice impulse control should not look at casinos not on GamStop, as a way to indulge in their gambling ways, despite having activated a GamStop self-exclusion at a UK site. Those that have such an addiction should get instant help or ask for online counseling on a service such as GamCare. You can find out more about casinos not on GamStop at

What Do Casinos Not on GamStop Offer?

As mentioned, in early 2021, the UKGC decided to enforce new standards that make online slot gameplay less intense, thereby limiting the speed with which players can spin reels and the bet amounts that they can place. Non GamStop casinos still incorporate auto and turbo-play options while featuring high max bet limits. They also do not have spin timers. That means that players do not have to wait 2.5 seconds before initiating another reel rotation.

The UKGC also impacts the type of promotions UK platforms can offer. Sites that live outside the GamStop network face no such restriction. The result of that freedom is that they provide more generous sign-up bonuses and more intricate loyalty programs.  The ability to use credit cards is also an option at these casinos, which the UKGC banned in April of 2020, and players can make deposits and withdrawals via niche cryptocurrencies.

UK Casinos vs. Sites Not on GamStop

All categories and sub-categories of gaming platforms have their pros and cons. There is no one single type of interactive gaming online casino that dominates all the rest. Before choosing what site players will call home, they should weigh all the elements listed below.

UK Casinos

Pros Cons
–    GBP is always available.

–    Multi-platform self-exclusion.

–    Strict UKGC oversight.

–    Protection of funds.

–    Zero legal issues.

–       Limited VIP schemes.

–       No auto/turbo-play.

–       Spin timers.

Non GamStop Sites

Pros Cons
–    More diverse product libraries.

–    More payment methods on offer.

–    Niche altcoins accepted.

–    Better bonuses.

–    Higher max bet limits.

–      GBP is not always an option.

–      No standardized dispute resolution.

To Wrap Up

No UK player should fear legal prosecution for registering and playing on a Casino not on GamStop. All legal liability rests with the operators that made such an option a possibility, not the individuals that decided to take advantage of it.

These non GamStops platforms offer many benefits for players, but they lack the strict oversight and protection that the UK market provides. However, a side-effect of the UKGC’s rigorous attempts to curb problem gambling in Britain is causing many UK players to find UKGC sites less and less appealing. Thus, an ever-growing portion of the UK player pool now weighs its options regarding gambling on foreign sites. If the pros that such platforms provide seem attractive, interested parties should sign up with one and test out its games for free while browsing through its interface options and promotions.

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