Casino Software Developers: NetEnt Vs. Microgaming

One of the most epic showdowns in the history of casino slots pits Microgaming against NetEnt. These two titans are at the top of the business for good reason because they create numerous, top-notch games.

In our study for this article on Microgaming vs. NetEnt games, we made an effort to maintain objectivity. Which you prefer may depend on personal preference because they are largely equal in matchup.

Let’s evaluate the two companies criterion by criterion to find who prevails in each.


Both providers provide a huge selection of games and gameplay styles. Both provide frantic, feature-rich games as well as simple, classic slots for those who choose simplicity.

We’ve played a ton of games from each developer, but we find Microgaming slots to be easier to understand. That’s hardly a knock on NetEnt—quite the opposite. It may take some time to fully comprehend NetEnt because of how hard the company works to innovate and develop new features.

Characters in NetEnt slots, like Gonzo from Gonzo’s Quest and the gunslinger in Dead or Alive, are more frequently 3D animated. As one of the first companies to release VR slots, NetEnt also invented numerous slot bonus features like tumbling reels and cluster pays.

Of course, Microgaming has its own distinctive games. Although its Power Stacks and Link & Win features are undoubtedly cutting-edge, its games are generally simpler and simpler for beginners to master.

It depends on what you’re seeking for which of these is preferable. While feature-rich NetEnt games may be more appealing to more seasoned players, Microgaming slots may be preferable for newcomers. We advise playing a few games from each provider to determine which you like.

Visuals and Audio

It’s almost impossible to choose a winner in this area with objectivity. Fantastic designers at both firms breathe life into games with vibrant graphics and compelling themes.

Both developera were established in the 1990s, and they have progressed side by side ever since. Both companies have well-known brands that highlight their design prowess: Microgaming has Vikings and Aliens, while NetEnt has Game of Thrones and Jurassic World.

We give NetEnt a tiny advantage in this area because of the 3D characters and interactive features of several of the games. We must emphasize that there isn’t much in it, though.

Volatility and RTP

When choosing a video slot, return to player (RTP) and volatility are crucial factors to take into account. While volatility dictates the anticipated magnitude and frequency of the payouts, RTP defines how much a game pays out in percentage terms.

Does one software company outperform the other in this regard? No. Both of them provide a variety of games with high, medium, and low volatility and RTPs that range from the low 90s (progressives) to 97-98%.

However, NetEnt is renowned for their slots with minimal volatility. One of the most popular low-volatility slots on the internet is the classic Starburst, and other titles like Jack Hammer and Jimi Hendrix are also well-liked.

Actually, the majority of games offered by both providers have a medium volatility. However, NetEnt is without a doubt the king of low-volatility slot games, whether this is due to the success of a select few games or a perception the company purposefully manufactured for marketing purposes.

Which is superior? Again, it depends on what you’re looking for. Choose the NetEnt games we suggested above if you want low volatility games. Both will produce fantastic games for medium- to high-variance games. Take RTP into consideration on an individual basis; it’s a mixed bag in both camps.


The top online progressive jackpot slots are available from both companies. In reality, the table above has two of them; Mega Fortune and Mega Moolah are both seeded at £1 million and are incredibly well-liked.

Which company has the most slots with progressive jackpots? By virtue of the fact that it provides more games overall, Microgaming. Additionally, it’s WowPot network provides incredible prizes in the tens of millions. WowPot’s biggest prizes start at £2 million, turning winners become millionaires right away.

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