Can I Use a Boxed Whipped Cream Even Without A Dispenser?

Whipped cream is one of the most celebrated additions to cakes, coffee, tea, and other treats used to climax any party. In other words, if you have an upcoming party, you will use cakes to climax the celebrations. However, using whipped cream to decorate cakes can be overwhelming, especially if you are not well acquainted with a dispenser. But all is not lost. Imagine there are ways you can use boxed whipped cream without a dispenser or device to help in decorating your cake. As long as you love baking, the lack of a dispenser should not worry you. In this blog, I will share some tips that will help you in solving this dilemma.

Even as you ponder the question, ‘Can I use a boxed whipped cream even without a dispenser?’, remember that there are other ways to elevate your dessert experience. For instance, the ice cream chandler offers a unique, gourmet twist to the traditional ice cream, making it a must-try for all dessert enthusiasts.

How to Use Whipped Cream Without the Dispenser

If you do not have a dispenser, it does not mean you cannot decorate your favorite cakes. In addition, you could be having an upcoming birthday party, and out of nowhere, the dispenser may stop working. That does not mean you will have to postpone the party. You can look for alternatives and decorate your cake. Some of these alternatives include:

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Used a can to Pour the Cream

Once you have baked your cake, you need to obtain your boxed whipped cream to make it fancier. However, you will need to have mixed your cream with some ingredients such as sugar and gelatin. In most cases, once the cream is prepared, it is placed in a dispenser that allows the creation of different shapes and designs used to decorate a cake. However, if you do not have a dispenser, you can pour the mixture into a can and create a small hole to control the flow of this cream as you decorate your cakes. You need to add some creativity to make these designs to ensure that your friends and relatives will not realize that you used a can to decorate your cake. You can even use different shapes that will make your cake look prettier even without a dispenser.

Use of pipes. 

You might be preparing a cake for your child’s birthday party at home. In addition, you might not be a professional cook earning from baking cakes. You may not necessarily need to purchase a dispenser to decorate cakes. However, it does mean you cannot garnish your cakes. You need to understand that cake decorations depend on someone`s creativity rather than the tools. Therefore, as long as you have the boxed whipped cream to decorate your cakes, do not worry. You can use pipes and control the flow of the cream on the surface of your cakes. You will have a chance of designing different shapes that can decorate your cake and make it fancier.

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Once you have decorated your cake, ensure that you have placed it in a fridge for about 30 minutes for the cream to stabilize. If you are preparing a birthday party cake, ensure that you have cleaned all the tools you have used, and no one will note whether you used a dispenser to decorate it. As long as you mix your cream properly, everyone will enjoy its delicacies in your cake.