Cai Shen Fishing at VN88 – Fun Game with Attractive Rewards

Cai Shen Fishing at VN88 is an exciting and rewarding game that offers players the chance to win big. With its unique features, such as free play for members, attractive rewards, and high-score tips, this game is sure to keep you entertained. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, Cai Shen Fishing at VN88 has something for everyone. So come join in on the fun and see what rewards await you! 

About Cai Shen Fishing

At VN88, the incredibly enjoyable Cai Shen Fishing game is one of the most widely played shooting fish activities in supermarkets and bookmakers. It offers participants an electrifying experience with a multitude of weapons and enticing rewards to be won! More specifically:

  • Beautiful interface, using many extremely realistic and vivid 3D images of the vast ocean world promises to bring many great experiences.
  • Simply put, the member’s task when participating is to use weapons and guns to destroy creatures in the ocean in exchange for coins. 
  • The bigger the fish, the more coins, especially the gods of fortune, if you can defeat them, you will have gifts of red envelopes with many different values.
  • This game brings the action to you with a free mobile application on both Android and iOS phones. Download, install, and get ready for an amazing experience in the palm of your hands!
  • After playing the games, players can exchange their coins for real money to withdraw into their accounts or use them in slots to purchase weapons and other items such as scratch cards and game cards.

The fish shooting game appears simple at first glance, and indeed anyone can participate. Nonetheless, experienced gamers will tell you that it takes more than just luck to defeat the big fish – in addition to having a good ammo source and knowing your way around the features, you must be able to accurately aim and fire quickly in multiple directions so as not to waste any of your bullets! Do this right and reap lots of bonus coins for yourself!

How to play Cai Shen Fishing on VN88

VN88, a bookie under the management of Marquee Holdings Limited and supervised by several distinguished international organizations, offers plenty of remarkable bonuses and rewards when playing their fish shooting games. Additionally, you can expect quick deposit/withdrawal methods for your convenience.

Currently, VN88 shooting fish is attracting many members to participate, especially in the game shooting fish with fortune. Because this game is not difficult, to play on your phone you just need to download the game to shoot fish online. Download this fish shooting game completely for free, so you can rest assured to download and shoot fish, then follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the VN88 homepage

First, you need to visit the homepage of VN88 and log in to your account.

Next, if you play for the first time, you need to make a minimum deposit of 200,000 VND via bank transfer or phone scratch card. Then transfer funds from the main account to the shooting fish account.

Step 2: Choose a game

To play Cai Shen Fishing, you will select the item “Shoot fish” on the homepage, then choose the game “Shoot fish for fortune”. Then click “play now” to start playing. However, if you don’t have experience playing for the first time, you can choose “Try Play” to get acquainted first.

Choose a game

Step 3: Choose a play area

After the new dialog box appears, you need to choose 1 of the 3 playing areas below:

Choose a play area

Step 4: Start the game

When the main interface of the fish shooting game is opened, you will proceed to select bullets. Simultaneously aim and choose more features to destroy the creatures. The more big fish you shoot, the higher the coins you get. And after the game is over, you can withdraw the bonus by changing the number of coins won into real money or by exchanging phone scratch cards or game cards. Note, when playing you need to strictly comply with the terms that the bookie gives in the game.

Tips for playing Cai Shen Fishing at VN88

Shoot fish in groups

Witnessing a crowd of fish swimming in groups? Then two bullets should be enough for you to take out numerous small fishes and net an abundance of coins.

Just make sure not to fire blindly and waste your ammunition, as that could cost you heavily! Aim accordingly using 3-5 shots consecutively – it’s the best way to maximize results while still being economical with bullets.

Shoot big fish at the right time

This gaming tactic is utilized by many avid gamers and has proven to be quite effective. However, this technique requires a substantial amount of resources in order to take down the heavier fish as it demands an abundance of ammunition and should not be squandered.

Generally speaking, players are recommended to fire off seven bullets at once for optimal results, yielding bonus coins 100-200 times greater than normal!

Use the right ammo to shoot single fish

When you spot a lone fish, use small to medium bullets for maximum effectiveness. Aim well when shooting so that every bullet counts and ensure minimal loss of ammunition. However, if the fish has already been hit by 3-5 shots and still refuses to be taken down, it is best to cease your attempts in order to avoid any more unnecessary firing.


In general, it can be assessed that shooting fish is an online game that is easy to play and brings a new feeling with many opportunities to win great prizes. Hopefully, the information we share above is useful for readers, if there are no other questions, do not hesitate to quickly download the fish shooting game to your phone or play directly at the homepage of the VN88 bookie to experience the game. Cai Shen Fishing at VN88 and ring for many great prizes for yourself!

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