Buying medicine online: Pros and Cons

Nowadays, buying online medicines or any other therapeutic drugs from online stores in this rapidly changing e-commerce world is a normal activity. It has some pros, but people buying medicine online need to be careful as some cons are also associated with buying medicines online.

Every day virtually you may come to see the advertisement of companies selling medicines and many other products online. Maybe the prescribed medicine can be found in the online stores and sometimes may not be available. Thus, to save time, people order medicines from e-commerce stores.

Below are some Pros and cons of buying medicine over the internet.


Some of the pros of buying medicine online are listed below.

Saving Time

A lot of patients avoid buying medicine from the medical markets as it may take time and may be a hectic task for the patient. Thus, you can order your prescription online to avoid tiredness, and, in this way, you can also save your time.


Sometimes you may get medicines at cheaper rates than the market rates in the online stores. Thus, in this way you can save your money.


Ordering medicines online is more convenient than purchasing from the market. For buying medicines online, you only need a smartphone and internet connection, and you can order from anywhere at any place.


Some of the cons that are associated while buying medicine online are listed below.

Dangerous for your health

Buying medicines online can be dangerous for the patient health if they are

  • Fake or provided by a company that provides unreliable and unauthorized products.
  • They may contain different amounts of active or inactive ingredients that may not be feasible for the patient’s health and prove to be deadly.
  • The unauthorized company may cell the products containing the toxic ingredients. The medicines may also contain dangerous or any other ingredients that may not be good for the patient health.
  • May contain some ingredient in the medicines that may be illegal.
  • Expired or their expiry date may be near and when you receive that get expired. It is also possible that the store is supplying expired medicines.

Buying medicine online maybe result in wastage of money in case if

  • Medicine get expired before getting them.
  • Maybe medicines that you ordered may never receive you, and you may lose your money.
  • The store may send you the wrong prescribed medicines. Also, in this way, your money will be wasted.
  • Some drugs and medicine buying online are illegal as a little change in the amount of the ingredient may result from adverse side effects. Maybe some sites confuse the customers that nothing is illegal about placing an order without a prescription.
  • The online medical stores take a long time to send you your order, and you already paid for the products. In this way, both time and money are wasted.
  • Buying medicine online needs no doctor interaction, and that may lead to potential problems in the patients in the future.


The above discussion summarizes that buying medicine online can be risky. To avoid it, you should follow some steps to safely buying online medicines.

Below are the steps that you should follow for safely buying medicine online.

  • You should consult your doctor before buying medicines online.
  • Before ordering medicine from the online store, you should investigate the store and try to find either the store provides reliable products or not.
  • If you are trying to buy medicines from overseas, then you should check the office of drug control list.
  • You should be aware of wild claims.

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