Build Your Dealership With Best iPhone for Sale Deals

A good iPhone for-sale deal, used or refurbished, can boost business for any telecommunication dealer. Aside from being a giant tech company producing the best gadgets, iPhones have become a status symbol for many. They mean luxury, elegance, and affluence for the rich and poor. People don’t mind buying second-hand iPhones to toe the line of class and status.

Of course, there are others who just appreciate the brand for its efficacy and sleek design. No matter the reason, owning an iPhone has become a forever trend, showing no signs of fading. Hence, dealers must have affordable iPhone for-sale deals for their clients to scale their business.

What Makes an Old iPhone for-Sale Deal Good

If you have decided to offer iPhone for-sale deals to your customers, give them the best value for their money.

Here’s how you can sweeten your iPhone for-sale deal for them:

Proof of Ownership

Asking the seller for the original receipt and proof of ownership has become a rule of thumb while buying any telecommunication device.

It confirms that the person selling the device has acquired it using legal means and has nothing to hide. It also tells your customers the warranty status of the iPhone, adding to your credibility as a dealer.

If you want to avoid legal complications and underhand dealings, only buy and sell iPhones that come with an original receipt. It makes for an easy resell and builds trust between you and your customers. They feel reassured about their purchase, and you have a good review to look forward to at the end of the deal.

Serial & IMEI Number

Before putting up your iPhone for-sale deals, match the device’s specs with the ones mentioned in the original receipt. You should know the iPhone’s warranty, network, system version, and everything else that can affect its performance.

To do this, go to Settings, find General, then click on About for International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number, or you can dial *#06#. Another way to do this is through the IMEI website.

You should also check the warranty validation through iPhone’s unique serial number. It will tell you the place and date of manufacture as well as the support and service coverage via Apple’s official website. You are doing your due diligence by doing all this, as every potential customer will ask you about them.

Proof of Authenticity for Parts

For any iPhone for-sale deal to land true, it should have all its original parts even after the repairs. Ask your supplier/seller if the device has had any repairs and whether they were carried out by an Apple-approved service provider. If not, there might be a chance that some parts of the device have been replaced and are no longer authentic.

Low-quality repairs and inauthentic parts can affect the overall performance of your device, dampening the iPhone experience. For instance, a low-quality LCD repair means low battery life, faulty backlight, and a slow interface.

Feature Testing

Buying a second-hand iPhone or any smartphone is tricky as it has many features that need testing. The best iPhone for-sale deals offer feature testing to their customers. So, make sure the device you are putting up for sale has everything working in its optimum condition.

Check if the Home button is working and the screen is responsive by tapping, zooming, and swiping on it. Observe the device’s responses closely and ensure no delays or glitches hinder its performance.

You should also test the image quality of its front and back cameras. Sometimes, unauthorized repair shops switch the original iPhone camera for a low-quality, bringing down the value of the brand.

Check for Water Damage

To ensure customer satisfaction, check the device for water damage. Turn up the phone’s volume to the max and check if you can hear any static. Keep changing the volume to test the speakers’ performance. Make a call or text to see if notifications and ringtones are working fine.

Another critical feature that needs to be tested is the microphone. Use the resell device to call someone and talk freely, record the call and later check how you sound. The alternative is recording your voice on the phone and listening back to it.

Check the screen’s brightness and vibration mode by placing the device on a hard surface.

Working Ports

Open ports on all sides of the device can accumulate dust if left unattended. Use various cords to check if they are working as they should and if there is nothing loose and out-of-order.

Battery Performance

Since all types of rechargeable batteries have an expiry, most second-hand iPhones have low battery performance. If the original owner had replaced the faulty batter with an authentic one, then you shouldn’t have any problem.

To check battery performance, use it all the way, recharge it and use it again. Observe the battery time and if the back cover is heated during the recharge. You can also check for loose battery ports during this test.

As a dealer, you must know your way around a resell because all your potential customers will inquire about them. Of course, if you are an authorized JNA dealer, you will be trained for everything related to the telecommunication business.

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Buying and selling iPhones are risky, especially when you are not following the protocols. You can’t claim to offer the best deal for a device if you haven’t checked it for damage and faulty features. As an authorized dealer, you should go the extra mile to provide your customers with the best service.