Breastfeeding vs. Formula: When baby formula is a tough but necessary decision

Many new mothers give up breastfeeding or breastfeed only for the first time. It is challenging for those who are going to work fairly soon after giving birth. It is clear that it is much easier to dilute the formula and give the baby a bottle. But pediatricians never tire of reminding women of the benefits of breastfeeding for both baby and mother.

The word “feeding” plays a cruel trick on us. We think that milk and formula are just-food. This is only half true.  Yes, the milk formula is only food for the baby.

However, breastfeeding is the natural beginning of a baby’s life in a new environment, a logical continuation of the chain of conception-pregnancy-birth. For a woman, breastfeeding can be a very bright and meaningful feeling and experience of motherhood. Breastfeeding is accompanied by the production of lactation hormones – prolactin and oxytocin. They play an essential role in forming and maintaining a breastfeeding woman’s feeling of satisfaction, relaxation, maternal tenderness, and care for her baby. The positive experience of breastfeeding can significantly increase a woman’s self-esteem and reduce the likelihood of postpartum depression. Breastfeeding allows the mother to recover faster after labor.

In conclusion: the formula is just food, and breastfeeding is a process that is good for both mom and baby.

Are there any formulas that have become a full-fledged substitute for breast milk?

It is clear that there are situations when the mother does not have enough milk or the baby cannot drink the breast milk for certain reasons, then milk formula becomes an alternative. But the fact is that no formula is the same as breast australian milk powder export company. It is impossible to make a purely chemical composition of milk – there is no such chemical combination.

It’s just that all the formulas are made differently, emphasizing certain specific points.

The pediatrician can recommend the right formula for your baby. The choice depends on the baby’s developmental stage, whether it is introduced from birth or later, and for what issues.

No matter what formula you pick, your baby will “tell” you if it is suitable – when your little one has no allergies and is gaining weight well, you probably found the right one!

What formula to choose?

The truth is that there is a vast number of baby food brands. How can you choose the best one for your baby?

Essential criteria in the question of infants’ nutrition should be its composition and highest quality standards. The British baby food brand Kendamil guarantees both aspects to its customers. For instance, Kendamil formula is based on whole milk that provides a natural source of fat for your little one. In addition, the formula contains a component of breast milk, which is a natural prebiotic. This ingredient makes babies less likely to suffer from constipation and colic and helps strengthen the immune system. This formula is an excellent option for vegetarians because it does not contain fish oil, which also helps avoid seafood allergies.

The right formula will help your babies grow healthy and help moms enjoy motherhood!

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