BitPay Card

In recent years, with the improvements in technology and the discovery of new types of currency like crypto, the global community has started to require new types of services that can cover the mentioned progress. In this regard, currently we can find so many different platforms that are providing users with the new financial and banking services. In this short article, we want to write about BitPay as one of the successful online platforms; a platform with the possibility to provide users with the special services in regard to cryptocurrencies.

BitPay & Its Possibilities

As mentioned above, BitPay is an online platform that is providing users with the special services in case of cryptocurrencies; users will be able to manage and spend their crypto as easily as possible via this platform. Additionally customers will not need to trust third parties or other websites to store and save their crypto; with BitPay because of the possibility of easy backups and multi-sig, users will be able to secure their funds as simply as possible. In addition, this platform offers users multiple wallets that will allow them to manage their funds easier, buy and spend their crypto as easily as possible. Should be noted that BitPay, for the ease of its users, created different options such as online payments, billing, extension, wallet and card; so customers easily will be able to trade, save and spend the cryptocurrencies. In this regard, we will know about BitPay cards and their features for users around the world.

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BitPay Card

Beside all mentioned services by BitPay, this platform also is providing users with the feature of prepaid MasterCard. In this regard, users will need to download the BitPay special mobile app, create an account and load the wallet for their trade and crypto and order the card directly from the app as easily as possible. Should note that customers will be able to reload their card instantly and without any extra fees. The prepaid MasterCard of BitPay has a special feature such as flexibility; it is totally created for users who live with crypto, made easy to check balance, reload instantly the card and request for a new PIN all totally in online format and via a BitPay mobile app. Additionally, BitPay card includes EMV chips to lock a card and control the spend of it; so in case of security, BitPay is providing the latest technology. The last main point about BitPay card is its popularity and availability; users can use their cards all around the world, pay contactless and withdraw cash from any ATMs.


Definitely, the new types of currencies, especially crypto, will be palay a significant role in the global community’s future life in the sphere of finance; we believe in this regard, the online platforms like BitPay with their special services and abilities, can be a best solution for current and future time especially in the time when cryptocurrencies will be more global than now.

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