Bitcoin education – crypto coding being added to the curriculum!

Bitcoin is growing at a rapid pace, and now almost every industry has started adopting this cryptocurrency. You can use digital currencies to earn money with bitcoin trading. Seeing the excellent future scope of bitcoin, the education technology giant’ Byju’s, has decided to launch a special course related to cryptocurrency coding that will help the student learn more about the codes used to create cryptos bitcoins.

Byju’s adding a coding course to its curriculum.

Byju’s is one of the most popular and most extensive online school learning programs. With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency all over the world, Byju’s is also planning to expand its courses and provide the students with the latest and advanced courses. So, according to that plan, Byju’s is now planning to add a crypto coding course for the students who are interested in cryptocurrency and want to learn to code cryptocurrency.

Recently, Byju’s posted on social media and told its users, as now students between the age of 6-18 years, will have an option to learn the coding used to create cryptocurrencies and become a crypto programmer. It is an innovative and advanced course created for children of different age groups. The educational startup is planning to take the company to an international level with Byju’s future School, and this crypto coding course is a part of it.

A one-on-one session for the students interested in bitcoins

The new platform developed by Byju focuses on providing the students with one-on-one bitcoin coding sessions to learn every minor aspect from the experts and enhance their knowledge about . There is a wide range of coding courses launched by Byju’s, and they are made for all the standards starting from Grade 1 to 10 plus. All these bitcoin coding courses will be offered on the official website of Byju’s Future School.

Elon Musk in talks with bitcoin miners – Bitcoin price recovers

Elon Musk tweeted that he talked with the bitcoin miners in North America, and the tweet has positively affected the bitcoin market. He stated that he held a call with the bitcoin miners and discussed the ways in which bitcoin mining can be made greener and how its impact on the environment can be minimized. After the tweets made by Musk, the price of bitcoin grew by 19% as it was earlier at $31132, but after the tweet, it climbed to $39944. This was the fourth time when any tweet made by Elon Musk-led to massive fluctuations in the prices of any cryptocurrency.

A few weeks back Elon Musk, tweeted that his company won’t be accepting bitcoins because of its negative impact on the environment. After the criticism that came from the Tesla owner, the price of bitcoin fell drastically, and over $500 million got vanished from the market value of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency. Later, he again tweeted that he still believed in bitcoin and supports it, which helped the crypto LOTT token to recover to some extent and gain some of its market caps back.

Billionaire Ray Dalio has also invested in Bitcoin.

At the time when on the one side, bitcoin markets have crashed rapidly, the latest news is coming from the founder of Bridgewater Associates as he stated that cryptocurrency played an important role in building his own finance. However, he also warned the bitcoin users as he believes that the biggest risk related to bitcoin is its success. He also stated that he would prefer investing his money into bitcoin than bonds but only till the government is away from bitcoins. If the government starts controlling bitcoin and other digital currencies, its power will be killed, and no reason will be left for the investors to put their money in bitcoins.

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Bitcoin crash is a great opportunity, according to the experts.

Bitcoin has always been a highly volatile cryptocurrency, but this time it has crashed with a massive margin, and it was not expected by the investors. After the bitcoin’s downfall, most of the investors and traders exited the market as they found it to be the best decision. But according to the experts, the bitcoin crash is the perfect correction, and it is the right time to buy and if you want to make an investment in bitcoins.

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