Best Practices When Buying Shrooms Online for Beginners

Buying shrooms online is the safest and fastest way to access magic mushrooms. In addition, some countries are starting to accept psilocybin as a treatment for numerous mental disorders. As a result, there are a growing number of people curious about the use of shrooms.

This curiosity prompts many to question, “Can you buy shrooms online?” or “Can I grow magic mushrooms?” With these questions, it is only fitting to help people find answers to them. In addition, buying magic mushrooms requires a bit of knowledge when making a purchase.

What is Magic Mushroom?

Magic mushroom is a fungus that contains the psychedelic compounds psilocin and psilocybin. These active ingredients can cause hallucinations, distortion of time, euphoria, etc.

When the magic mushroom Canada is taken in small doses (microdose), it can cause some beneficial effects. However, there is no alteration in the perception of the person. Meanwhile, doses from 1.5 g and above can cause a psychedelic experience.

The experience of each person differs. Some can have intensified visuals with a small dose, while some require higher quantities. In addition, there are different types of magic mushrooms whose potencies vary.

Psilocybe cubensis is the most popular family of mushrooms available online or discreetly in some dispensaries. It has different species such as Golden Teacher, Penis Envy, etc. In addition, each strain has unique characteristics and potencies.

Before Buying Magic Mushrooms

Before you splurge on shrooms, you need to know some things about them. Then, by broadening your knowledge, you can buy magic shrooms online with ease and confidence.

Why Do You Want to Buy Mushrooms?

You are reading this article for a reason. You might have learned the benefit of shrooms or got curious about its effect. Whatever it is, you need to know why you want to take them.

By learning the why, you can decide on what product, dose, and effect you want. For example, you want to boost your mood without experiencing hallucinations. In addition, it will give you an idea of what product to buy.

Other benefits you might want to consider when planning to use mushrooms:

  • Spiritual elevation
  • Improve emotional response
  • Feeling of oneness
  • Reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Treatment for PTSD and substance abuse

Are Magic Mushrooms Legal?

The law is the next thing you must consider before buying shrooms online in Canada or elsewhere. This is because the use of psilocybin in each country differs, like marijuana.

Buying and selling mushrooms in Canada is illegal. The active ingredients present are classified as Schedule III under the Controlled and Substance Act. However, there are still dispensaries, particularly online, that sell to Canadian patients with prescriptions.

Law enforcement tolerates this activity since they focus on catching the use of heavy narcotics instead of shrooms. However, it is always best to keep safe by purchasing discreetly.

Psilocybe mushrooms are also considered illegal in countries like the US, The Netherlands, the UK, and Australia. However, The Netherlands considers magic truffles, a psilocybin-containing mushroom, legal.

Types of Products Available

If you buy shrooms online, you’ll be overwhelmed with the number of mushrooms and products available. But, you don’t have to worry about them all. First, you need to know that you purchase an item according to your reason.

  • Capsules

They contain dried mushrooms pulverized to fit into the cap shell. There are different doses and types of mushrooms. They are best if you want to microdose.

  • Dried Mushrooms:

It’s the favourite product of psychonauts. You can ingest them directly or use them to create edibles, capsules, or tinctures.

Regular users eat dry or fresh shrooms because they claim the potency is higher. However, there is no evidence for it. The most common mushrooms for beginners are Golden Teacher, B+, and Ecuadorian

  • Edibles:

There are different commercially available edibles of mushrooms. For example, you can choose from gummies, chocolate bars, brownies, etc.

Like capsules, there are different strains and potencies. Therefore, you can either trip or microdose using these items. Furthermore, it is the most discreet way to take mushrooms.

  • Tinctures:

These are highly potent products containing extracts from a specific mushroom strain. You can add them to your food or smoothies without tasting the mushroom.

How Much Does it Cost?

In short, the price of psilocybin varies. Usually, the demand and supply of a product can affect the price. So, choose a strain that is abundant in your area.

Also, some dispensaries offer expensive shroom products because of their quality. Of course, high-quality and lab-tested mushrooms cost more, but at least you know you are getting the best.

Where to Buy Magic Mushrooms?

Now it’s here, the question everyone’s waiting for the answer to, where to buy shrooms online? Unfortunately, there are not many online dispensaries that you can find in Canada. As a result, some look skeptical, but to cut things short, we recommend Zoomies Canada.

Zoomies Canada is an online dispensary that offers various mushroom products on its site. They have plenty of mushroom strains, least to most potent. In addition, they showcase brands with lab-tested edibles and tinctures.

It’s your lucky day since they offer 20% off on your first purchase. So, check out their high-quality and wide selection of magic mushrooms.


When you plan to buy shrooms online, you must do your research. Knowing about purchasing a product for the first time will help you get the best. You’ll not only broaden your knowledge but have the best quality of mushrooms and experience otherworldly psychedelic effects safely.