Best Neighborhoods in Washington DC

Those living in Washington D.C. know that there are more and much better neighborhoods in their city than Capitol Hill. While Capitol Hill might be the most visited area in Washington D.C. the city is more than the area where the three branches of government can be found. From its collection of 131 neighborhoods, you can barely find two that are alike. From politician-packed neighborhoods to the historic row houses in Bloomingdale, or the waterfront views of Foggy Bottoms, finding the right neighborhood for you might require vast research and hours spent walking around. The city’s high walkability rating will make it comfortable for you to visit each area that might interest you until you find the one that fits best.

The city capital of Washington D.C. is considered one of the best cities to live in America if you take everything it has to offer into account. From museums, monuments, and embassies to cafes, restaurants, and hip musical spots, you’ll hardly find yourself without things to do in Washington D.C. Besides its abundance of incredibly entertaining activities, the neighborhoods themselves fit family, life, career-oriented lifestyles, for couples or singles and anything else in between. Find the community with amenities, school quality, low crime rating, and job opportunities that will fit your family lifestyle the best.


We’ll start with Georgetown, a neighborhood known for the popular university that shares its name. But that’s not all the residents of Georgetown enjoy within its borders. This neighborhood is a designated historic site, having been the location for many historical events. Now, taking a stroll through this part of Washington D.C. you will be mesmerized by the cobblestone streets lined with Federal-style architecture where you can stop by at wonderful restaurants and countless boutiques and cafes. There is also a lot of natural beauty in the area being close to the Potomac River and outdoors enthusiasts will enjoy the steep hills with jogging trails just difficult enough to satisfy their needs. But nature lovers aren’t the only ones that will enjoy living in this part of Washington D.C. Georgetown is also a paradise for shoppers with tons of high-end designer shops and internationally known retailers.

Suppose you are attracted to this lively side of Washington D.C. packed with live music, waterfront seafood restaurants, and a dash of artistic lifestyle brought by the student residence in the area. In that case, you should check out its price tag. For a median rent, a resident pays $2,400, and the median home value is $1,394,000.

Dupont Circle

From a city like Washington D.C., you should know to expect some historical areas throughout its neighborhoods and the same goes for Dupont Circle. From post-Civil War buildings to the Embassy Row where most of D.C.’s embassies are located, many might think that this part of Washington D.C gets crowded. That isn’t precisely the case as it is much quieter and more relaxed than other neighborhoods in the capital. The name of the neighborhood comes from the traffic circle located right in the middle of it with a bust of Samuel DuPont for the DuPont family. Covered with grass, the traffic circle is ideal for a picnic lunch brought from home or from one of the nearby eateries and is also the place where you can watch or play some chess on the stone chess tables. Plenty of restaurants and bars can be found in this area as well as shops that line the streets that residents can enjoy at any time.

Deciding to relocate to this part of Washington also comes with a price tag. For a median rent, a resident of Dupont Circle pays $2,160 while the median home value is $500,000.

Adams Morgan

Just like any other major city in the US, Washington D.C. has that one neighborhood that is designed for nightlife and it is Adams Morgan. Aside from being the cultural center for the capital’s Hispanic community, Adams Morgan is the go-to neighborhood for anyone feeling young, brave, loud, and fabulous. Being densely occupied by live music venues, cafes, bars, clubs, and restaurants of wide ethnical diversity, life in this part of Washington D.C. is never boring. For all the singles out there or for those that want to enjoy the best quality of nightlife activity, Adams Morgan is the place to be.

Keeping up with the clubs may come at a cost, however. In Adams Morgan’s case, the median rent is $2,160, while the median home value is $648,000.

Foggy Bottom

While it does have a weird and funny name, Foggy Bottoms didn’t result as a joke. The name Foggy Bottom comes from the fog that rises almost every morning from the banks of the Potomac River. While the eerie atmosphere may cause some to think twice about living in this part of Washington D.C. Foggy Bottom is actually one of the safest neighborhoods in the capital. It is also the home of the best public high school in the District of Columbia. The high school’s name is also funny – The School Without Walls High School. The most notoriously famous building in Foggy Bottom is the Watergate building – yes, that Watergate, but there’s so much more to this neighborhood than that. The JFK Center for Performing Arts ensures a constant array of artists year-round, which can be blamed for the neighborhood’s distinct culture. While it is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Washington D.C., many artists coupled with the George Washington University campus, infuse new life into Foggy Bottom, making it one of the best neighborhoods in the capital.

Many things may attract you to this part of Washington D.C. but getting back to the numbers. The median rent in this area is $2,400, while the median home value is $443,000

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Downtown / Penn Quarter

The capital’s downtown area is considered the most touristy part of Washington D.C. This should not come as a surprise as most areas of the capital have high tourist traffic most of the year. There are just too many things to do and see on the west bank of the Potomac River and this area is no exception. From one of the best Chinatowns in the country to the Verizon Center where the NBA Wizards and NHL Capitals are headquartered. In this part of the city, you will also find the Smithsonian museums for those who like to enjoy high-quality cultural venues for free. Other museum options in this area include the Newseum, the Spy Museum and Ford’s Theatre and so much more. The National Mall is obviously part of this area as well with all its tourist attractivity and amenities. This is what many people come to see in Washington D.C. so tourists are a given especially in this area, but that drive’s the city’s economy so make sure to enjoy all those things as well.

Despite the tourist presence, Downtown is the best-known area in Washington D.C. for many other things so if you want to live here, make sure to do the math. The median rent in this neighborhood is $2,300, while the median home value is $614,000.For more information visit here ytmp3


If you’re thinking about moving to Washington D.C., considering the current state of the market, you should consider asking for some help. Real estate agents in Washington DC are there to help you work out the prices, the market trends, and everything else related to a real estate transaction. While choosing the right neighborhood for you is essential, working with a realtor can simplify the whole process for you and your family.

So you should start browsing these and any other neighborhood that sparks your interest. Take the city on foot and venture around to find the atmosphere that best fits your lifestyle. Keep track of your surroundings and take note of those laughing in parks and on benches. Most likely, those are the residents of the area and you can tell how the area is first by the types of people living there.

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