Best Mobile Apps for Drone Pilots

The modern App Developer is also most likely to be a drone pilot and this has resulted in powerful Mobile Web Applications (Apps) that make the power of aerial data accessible and productive for everyone.

Mobile Drone App Development helps you to better understand your immediate surroundings from local flight restrictions to the current weather pattern, Mobile Drone Apps make piloting drones smarter, safer and efficient.

Although your drone most probably comes with its own in-built app, below we feature some of the most useful tools in the form of Mobile Drone Apps that helps make flying simple and easy. 

B4UFLY – Ultimate Mobile Drone App

The B4UFLY Mobile Drone App allows users to stay legal with details of any restrictions in the airspace around you. 

The B4UFLY Mobile Drone App is a simple way for drone operators to check the localized airspace before taking off.

Before a flight, users can open the App and select where they want to fly to, and also see the status of the airspace selected.

Users of the B4UFLY Mobile Drone App can also mark certain areas to be reviewed and furthermore submit any potential new flying locations from within the App.

Google Earth 

The Google Earth Mobile App lets users explore the whole world from above with satellite imagery of the entire world. Google Earth Mobile App users can furthermore obtain a 360° perspective of your locality with the Street View function. Google Earth Mobile App users can also visualize detailed maps created by Google Earth to help improve their drone flying skills.

Air Map

Airmap users can use this Mobile Drone App to obtain permission for flight, understand the ground situation and obtain live traffic alerts for the immediate area as well. 

The Airmap Can I fly here? feature provides real-time airspace information for over 20 countries including Germany, Canada, Japan, UK and the USA.

Other features of the AirMap Mobile Drone App include the ability to obtain airspace rules in advance for any location, plan flights with all the required details and also create and manage the user’s pilot profile as well. 

Hover – A Powerful Mobile Drone App 

The Hover Mobile Drone App is used by over 300,000 recreational and commercial pilots to fly safely and legally.

Features of the Hover Mobile Drone App include localised weather data, digital flight logs, a map of no-fly zones and drone fleet management options as well. 

the Hover Mobile Drone App flight readiness indicator informs users of all the airspace conditions such as weather, wind, rain and temperature so you know it’s safe to fly.

The Hover Mobile Android App Development is a quick and easy to use reference, with all the information you need to know in one place!

DroneDeploy – Create Maps and more…

DroneDeploy is the ultimate Mobile Drone App for a wide range of aerial imaging and mapping functions and has empowered users to map and analyze over 30 million acres in more than 160 countries.

The DroneDeploy Mobile Drone App provides automated flight information that assists pilots in capturing data easily and sharing them directly from mobile devices.

The DroneDeploy Mobile Drone App also helps users to measure the elevation gain, overall area or any distance between two points. 

PhotoPills – A Mobile Drone App to Scan the Sky

The PhotoPills Mobile Drone App delivers drone pilots features that present the weather forecast for the region, airspace restrictions and solar activity, all in one convenient tool. 

Drone Pilots can take amazing pictures with a choice of frames and pre-sets and you can also check the position of the sun or moon before your click.

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Flying for fun or as a professional? Mobile Drone Apps help you make the most of your drone, UAV, or quadcopter.

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