Best internet speeds for gaming

The launch of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X marks a new era for console gaming. The next-generation gaming platforms will embark on a new journey for the fans and are destined to create benchmarks in the world of gaming. You will get to experience gaming like never before. The launch of these consoles is a dream come true. This past decade was defined by games like The Last of Us, Horizon Dawn, Forza, and many games like these.

Many people will be looking to buy either Xbox Series X or PS5. We will not delve into which one is better but we will be talking about a common dilemma faced by the gaming community. What are the best internet speeds for gaming?

Before getting into strict figures, we need to understand the science behind internet speeds and how factors like download speed, upload speed, and latency influence your gaming experience. Once these factors are well understood, you can easily pick the right internet speed for you.

Download Speed

Every gamer is familiar with this term. It is the time taken by the data from the gaming server to reach your console or PC. Download speeds are considered the bottleneck for all the activities involving the internet and online gaming. In case you sign-up for less download speed, your online gaming will suffer. On average, the minimum recommended download speed for gaming is 3 Mbps but this varies according to the type of console at which the games are being played. For this you need a better internet connection that you can find here.


As you all know, this is the most important factor for online gaming. It is commonly referred to as “ping”. It is the most important one as the broadband speed is just raw bandwidth. While gaming online, you need a quick and rapid response from the server. Latency is the most simple word is the delay taken by the data while reaching its destined server.

While signing up for the internet service provider, you will not get the exact ping rates since it keeps on fluctuating.

Upload Speed

Many people undermine the importance of upload speed. It is quite important when it comes to gaming. It is the time taken for the data to reach the server from your console. It should be higher while online gaming as we are continuously sending the information to the server. Take notes!

Internet Speed requirements for gaming by system

Before we discuss the best internet speeds for gaming it is important to understand that different platforms have different requirements. Therefore, we have categorized the best internet speeds for gaming according to the requirements of each console.

Computers: PC gamers consider themselves the elite of the gaming community. Their Ethernet cables, high-end hardware, and better frames per second are enough for all sorts of validations. For PC gaming, the minimum download speed should be 10 Mbps. The higher the better. For upload speed, they must have a network that gives them almost 1 Mbps. Latency is always changing because of the bandwidth and several other factors. Using an Ethernet wire reduces the bandwidth. For an ideal online gaming experience, the ping should be around 100ms. The games that require a quick and rapid response from the server will run smoothly.

PS4: PlayStation fandom is literally obsessed with the new generation console that is expected to launch in the holiday season. Most of the PS4 users are still satisfied with the console. If you are a PlayStation user, the minimum download speed from your provider should be 15 Mbps. This is for a single user. If multiple people are using the internet simultaneously, then obviously a greater download speed is required. The connection should have a latency of 150ms the maximum.

Xbox: Xbox is set to take on the PlayStation with its new generation of consoles. The console will launch in the holiday season. For Xbox users, the minimum download speed should be 15 Mbps. The rules are the same as PlayStation. More users will require a greater internet speed. The latency should be the same, close to 150 ms.

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