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To get a win, slot machine players need identical symbols that will become a payline, form a cluster, or simply stop on adjacent reels. The method of distribution of payments is programmed by the developers and cannot be controlled by the casino or players. To ensure fair gambling, all games are tested at least once in a specialized laboratory and only after that appear on the markets.

Despite numerous theories, you can’t know when the slots will pay off. If there is no mistake, the results of the game are random in Slots are designed to pay a certain percentage of bets to players. If, for example, RTP is 95%, it means that players on average get back 95% of the total amount of bets. This refund does not apply to a single player, since there must be a large sample of the game played in order for the RTP number to approach its theoretical value. Hundreds of thousands or millions of spins (depending on volatility) must be played in order to make any claims. The idea of RTP is sometimes misunderstood by players, as they expect to get 95% profit in one or more gaming sessions, which is incorrect. One player is unlikely to spin the reels so many times to make accurate conclusions.

How do I find out the payout percentage in slot machines?

It largely depends on the developers where they specify the game RTP. Some of them show the number right on the download screen so you can’t miss it. Others provide this information in the paytable or in the description of the game. The jurisdiction in which the casino is licensed also plays a role. Some jurisdictions require this information to be available when downloading the game, while others do not.

If there is no theoretical refund when loading the slot, another option is to go to the official website of the developer and search for information there. Or you can also find the game in our free slots catalog and open the slots review page. We specify RTP for all games hosted on the Clash of Slots website.

Casino Advantage

The advantage of the casino is the advantage of the casino over the players. If we talk about slots, then this is the opposite of RTP. For example, if RTP is 95%, then the advantage of the casino is 5% (100% — 95%). That’s how much players lose on average and win at home. The generally accepted casino advantage is about 2%-7%, which corresponds to 98%-93% RTP. Keep in mind that sometimes there are versions with RTP in the titles, starting from 80%, which is unacceptable for many players.

Free slots vs slot machines for real money

Both options are interesting in their own way, and each of them has obvious advantages. With free slots, you will not feel the full range of emotions, but you will get a free experience. The demo mode is ideal for exploring different options and getting to know slot machines.

The “real money” option opens up a full range of emotions from bad to good, because real money is at stake. Some games offer huge maximum payouts or huge jackpots, and getting them while playing can bring a lot of money. But there is also a dark side to gambling for money, as you can lose a lot if you can’t control your emotions.

Why should you trust our casino slots rating?

Scoring is based on the actual data provided by the casino. That’s why it’s an accurate representation of what thousands of players prefer to play. For this rating, we have combined all the data from all casinos for all time (the rating is recalculated every year) to find out the final list of the most popular slots.

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