Below we’ll show you some online programs that can convert Youtube videos to MP3 and MP4

This week we will discuss music download apps and give you a few recommendations for music apps that you can use to get your music free of charge.

Online converters don’t require you to download any additional apps. You can access it on your phone or computer within minutes. Most people can download most content from Youtube. Some restrictions apply, including the inability to download official videos. Copyright law is not permitted. Also, videos exceeding 20 minutes, 30 and an hour will not be downloaded.

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This section will attempt to select the best programs available on the Internet. Important to note that there is no set order for them.

YouTube audiovisual content is something we enjoy listening to. We don’t have to watch it all the time, but we do wish we could keep going. Also, we would like the convenience of being capable of listening to the song from our phone or on our computer. A MP3 converter is a possible solution. It would also be great if it was completely free. You will find the best YouTube MP3 converters on the Internet in this article.


MP3 Converter with website is intuitive at first glance. In the first screen, you will see the bar that allows you to enter the URL for the video you want. You have many options, but the best are FLV, 3GP, and M4A. Site assures that you will not be restricted in the number of videos that you can convert and also no advertisements.

It is immediately labelled “the fastest Youtube video to MP3 converter!” These are the main points. The site is said to take between 1 and 15 seconds. You can also find a link on the homepage that will allow you to enter your URL for the video you wish to transform. There are two formats available, in this instance MP3 or M4A. Although there are no restrictions on this website, you may be asked to answer a captcha after the process has been repeated several times. Although it may not be the most attractive site of the three that we have presented, it is still worthy of mention. Below the entry bar, you will find a reference to the portal’s functions. One of these is the option to not visit.


Don’t let the name fool you. This free MP3 converter is available for download. The screen with the button to copy and paste the URL is always available. This portal is also free of limitations. It offers four formats, MP4, 3GP and WEBM.

Youtube is the largest platform for video and audio content consumption. YouTube was originally created as a way to listen to and watch music videos from our favorite artists. However, Youtube has become a social network with many audiovisuals that create a community.

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YouTube is still the best platform to watch videos and listen music, despite all the innovations and changes. We all wish that YouTube could allow us to descargar MP3 or MP4 songs directly from our app.

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But this isn’t one of its functions. There is almost no way to do anything on the Internet. Many portals exist that allow you to download YouTube content from your computer or cell phone. Here are some details about them.

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