Beginner’s Guide To Buying And Wearing Wigs

If you have never worn a wig and considering wearing one, there are plenty of questions running through your mind. How do I buy the right wig? How do I wear it? Or how can I maintain it so that it doesn’t lose its vibrancy? Well, this article will explain to you everything you need to know about buying, wearing, and maintaining wigs.

First things first, why you should consider wearing wigs? Wigs not only enhance a woman’s looks but also protect natural hair from harsh weather elements. They can also help conceal hair loss, making them perfect for women experiencing hair loss. Wigs also offer versatility when it comes to styling. But how can you buy the right unice hair? Keep on reading this piece to find out how.

How to buy a wig

Buying a wig can be quite a challenge for beginners, especially if they don’t know what to look for. Wigs come in different sizes, lengths, densities, and styles. So you need to know what you are looking for in a wig to enable you to choose the right one that suits your personal style.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you buy the right wig:

1.Consider the shape of your face

If you want to buy the right wig that compliments your facial features, you need to consider your face shape. There are different types of faces, including round, oval, rectangle, square, and diamond. You can determine the shape of your face by measuring the length of your face.

2.Know the wig cap size

A wig should fit you perfectly if you want it to look beautiful and feel comfortable in it. Most wigs have an average wig cap size, but you can take your measurements just to be sure. Additionally, wigs often come with adjustable straps, meaning you can loosen or tighten them an inch if necessary.

3.Know the material you want

There are two main types of wigs: human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs. Human hair wigs such as lace front wigs are made from real hair, and they resemble natural hair. Synthetic wigs, on the other hand, are made from synthetic or artificial hair. Both of these materials have their own pros and cons. For instance, human hair wigs are long-lasting and durable, but they cost higher. But synthetic wigs are cost-effective, but they won’t last longer. So if your budget isn’t limited, you can go for human hair wigs.

4.Length of the wig

You need to determine the length of wig you want. Do you want a short, medium, or long wig? Human hair wigs usually come in different lengths to make it easier for wearers to choose the length that suits their personal style.


Unice hair wigs also come in various densities. Density simply means how thick or thin the hair is. It is measured in percentage, and it ranges from 50% to 200%. If you want to achieve a fuller, voluminous look, you should pick 150% wig density.

6.Wig color

Wigs also come in various colors to choose from. However, as a beginner, you need to choose a color that is closer or matches the color of your natural hair if you want the wig to look as natural as possible.

How to wear a wig

Wearing a wig is pretty straightforward. You will have to prepare your hair by braiding it to make it flat. That will give your wig a natural look. Then put on the wig cap. You can add some glue to make it more secure. Take your wig and put it on. Make sure that it fits securely and feels comfortable. Finally, you can style it in whichever way you want. Add some oil spray to make it look vibrant.

How to maintain your wig

If you want your curly bundles to serve you more, you must take good care of it. You need to wash it regularly and let it air dry. If you are not wearing it, make sure that it is stored correctly. You can hang it on a mannequin head or wig hanger. Lastly, don’t ever sleep in your wig.

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