Beds & Bedrooms: The Perfect Beds To Compliment The Bedroom!

A bedroom defines a person’s most personal space. You tend to relax, chat with your family and feel warm and cosy inside your bedroom. Researchers say that a normal person ends up lying in bed for almost half of his entire life. One should design the master bedroom or the kid’s bedroom to lighten up the spirits and always feel refreshing. The focus point of the bedroom is the bed. A soft and comfortable bed is a definite requirement for a good night’s sleep. The bed helps you relieve all your stress and fatigue after the entire day’s work.

Apart from the décor, the main focus of a bedroom should be the type of bed and whether it feels big and comfortable enough to accommodate you and your partner. Normal people sleep for up to eight to ten hours per day. But a nice mattress and bed will definitely assure you another extra hour of sound sleep. There are several factors to be kept in mind while selecting the perfect bed to compliment the bedroom. Wakefit provides you with a variety of options of beds and mattresses to choose from that give you the best feeling ever. Here are a few ideas to pick the perfect beds that match your bedroom.

Scale your furniture in proportions to decide on your bed size:

Spatial planning is essential to design a perfect bedroom. Know your bedroom dimensions before you look for the perfect bed for your room. A narrow room should never be a hindrance to creating a nice bedroom. Make sure you don’t end up buying a bed that is either too small nor too big. A large bed might reduce the walking space, whereas a smaller bed might be difficult to sleep on. Hence it is important to analyse the room sizes and buy a bed accordingly.

Make the bed frame your focal point:

Start from a focal point while designing your bedroom. The most important piece of furniture in the bedroom is definitely your bed. Once you set the size of the bed and its style, the rest of the furniture falls naturally into place. Be wise in choosing the right kind of design and size. Also, place your bed in a place where you will find enough walking space and at the same time save space for the rest of the furniture. Ensure you leave enough space for the wardrobes too. You can choose a wardrobe online to match your bed perfectly well.

Choose the right type and size of bed you require:

Types of beds refer to the make or material of the frame. It could be either a metal or wooden bed. Wooden beds could be made of teak wood, Sheesham wood or engineered wood. Teak wood is mostly expensive as it is of premium quality and design. If you have a traditional house with teak furniture, then you can opt for a teak wood bed. Sheesham wood is a hardwood that stays strong and does not creak. They are used in most homes as they are cheaper than teak wood, at the same time strong and durable. Metal beds are mostly used in contemporary design houses to adapt to the room décor. Coming to the sizes, they are many standard sizes like king size bed online or queen size bed, that can be used for different rooms. The master room can contain king and queen size beds, whereas the kid’s room can accommodate metal bunkers and single beds.

Work with your interior décor:

The interior décor is the key factor deciding the type of material finish used for your bed and how it is displayed. Metal frames look excellent in dark-style rooms, whereas wooden beds give a textural contrast, giving the room a warm feel. You would not want a bed that stands out and feel out of place in the room, right? Choose a bed that blends with the interior décor of the room.

Manage your storage space well:

Some may have a lot of clothes and accessories to store. The wardrobes may not be able to contain them all. At this time, it is clever to switch to storage beds that can hold your less important stuff, thus creating more space in the wardrobes. You can also use a matching bedside table to keep your accessories in the room.

Choose the correct type of bed for children’s bedroom:

The children’s bedroom is generally smaller than the master bedroom, thus making it challenging to find beds that suit the need. You can place metal beds or bunkers in different colours to make them attractive for kids. Metal beds are firm and can bear the tantrums of your kids effortlessly. If you are going for wooden beds, try buying ones with drawers to increase the storage space. This storage space allows you to store toys and play things for your kids.

Match your bed with the rest of the furniture in the room:

Ultimately every piece of furniture in the room should go hand in hand with each other to complete the look. Your wardrobe, love seat, bedside table and wall shelves should blend together. Choose a theme that feels bright and full of life before you look for furniture. The kid’s bedroom can have different themes like spiderman, batman, cinderella and rapunzel to attract kids. You can also paint your metal beds accordingly. Try choosing a colour theme for the master bedroom which feels elegant and classy.

Do not compromise on the quality and durability while it comes to choosing a bed. Bear in mind that the better the quality, the longer the life will be. Many might not have the luxury of a large room. Never mind, use your creativity to design a perfect room within a limited space. Bedrooms are another expression of who we are. They display a part of our personality, style and charisma. But at the end of the day, make sure you feel comfortable and happy in your surroundings. More Information Visit this site: f95zone

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