Are SEO Jobs In Demand

The internet has been an exceptionally lucrative marketplace over the past few years. With this demand, an SEO job is one of the most sought-after positions in digital marketing. As a result, quite a few people are seeking this position. In fact, according to – one of the top job-searching websites on Earth – there were 271 SEO job postings for every 10K employers in January 2016. Note that the average salary for an SEO job position is $74,000 a year. That’s roughly $17.00 per hour. As you can see, this is a great position to have in your digital marketing arsenal.

With that being said, you’re probably asking yourself if there are any SEO job positions available in your area. There are quite a few, but the answer could vary depending on where you live and your location within the city or state itself. It may be different from country to country, so I suggest searching for SEO jobs in the area you want to live in.

If I were to give you an example of a city with high demand for this position, Australia would be. Their unemployment rate is at 4.2%, which is incredibly low compared to the rest of other countries. This is a great position to have.

Now – you’re probably wondering what it’s like to work as an SEO specialist.

Duties of a typical SEO job :

  •         Perform keyword research (and variations) to identify relevant content optimized and used to improve website rankings.
  •         Assist in creating compelling, strategic content for the company’s website. This includes copywriting, editing, brand messaging, and more.
  •         Develop an understanding of current digital marketing trends and techniques by studying search engine algorithms, guidelines, and best practices.
  •         Communicate with other team members to coordinate the creation and implementation of marketing strategies.
  •         Conduct keyword searches daily to gauge how your website is performing and see how it stacks up against your competition.
  •         Identify new keywords and phrases that could better help your website rank higher.
  •         Run A/B tests using keyword variations to determine which one is more effective at driving traffic and conversions.
  •         Use keyword research tools to discover new opportunities.
  •         Troubleshoot challenges related to render-blocking JavaScript or CSS to achieve a high Google page speed rating.

Seo jobs don’t have to be in Australia, but this position offers many advantages for people living there. The average salary is relatively high, and the job market is booming. If you’re not sure where you want to live, this might be an excellent option for you. If you have any questions about SEO jobs, leave us a comment below, and we’ll help you out in any way that we can.

Bottom Line

If you’re concerned about job security or if the economy is preventing you from getting a position like this – don’t be. If an SEO agency hires for this position, they want to make money via leads and website conversions. As long as your work produces positive results – it will never be under threat. You’ll always remain employable as long as you’re producing results and contributing to the company’s overall success.

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