Angular training: What is it and why does it matter?

Angular is a framework based on Javascript that is used for creating web, mobile, and desktop applications. The framework is written completely on Typescript, which has been developed by Microsoft. Angular has been around for almost a decade now and during this time, several companies have implemented Angular and incorporated it into their projects. With many more companies looking to integrate Angular into their enterprise, it is no surprise that many developers are looking to learn the framework through proper angular training

Who uses the framework?

Since Angular is considered to be an in-demand framework, you would want to know the name of companies you use it and apply it to their business. Most big tech companies have already moved their enterprise applications over the past few years to Angular. The framework continues to evolve and more and more companies are implementing it as a part of their enterprise. Several applications and websites use Angular, some of them include:

  • Github community forum
  • Google
  • Forbes
  • Nasdaq
  • BMW
  • PayPal

These are just a few of many big names using Angular. It is being used by banks, bidding websites, government portals, community portals. And many others. With Angular as the main platform, these websites can provide a high level of interactivity with the users. So, if you are considering learning Angular, now is the right time to do so!

Features of Angular that make it popular

The framework of Angular is based on a Model View Controller structure that provides flexibility to developers for developing applications. Angular is one of the most suitable frameworks for complex requirements, which is why companies want enterprise applications to be developed in Framework. 

  • Robust framework: Angular is written completely in Typescript, which uses concepts of OOPS (Object Oriented Programming) such as objects, classes, enums, etc. This is why developers find it relatively easy to learn Angular. Compared to other libraries and frameworks, it is more robust, which allows for better development. 
  • Support for in-built routing: Most of the applications being developed nowadays comprise smaller parts that represent different functionalities. As such, a user needs to be redirected to different parts of the application through links. Angular is beneficial in that regard since it provides a routing mechanism of its own. It allows the distribution of separate components to route links and loading them based on the action performed by the user. 
  • Supports single-page apps: People nowadays don’t have the time and patience to wait for a page to load, which is why single-page applications are so popular nowadays. Angular is the best choice for enterprise applications and single-page applications in which elements are rendered dynamically and operations are performed efficiently. Angular has client-side rendering, which means everything required for rendering is performed on the client end, which helps in reducing network calls and speeding up the performance of applications. 
  • Cross-platform development: Not just web development, the Angular framework also supports the development of cross-platform apps to run on different mobile devices as well as desktops. You can install angular on mac and develop mobile apps through Ionic. The greatest advantage is that you need to develop a single application and it can run on different platforms. There is no need to develop different apps for different platforms. 
  • Thorough documentation: If you are interested in learning Angular, you can always make use of the official documentation, which enlists everything you need to know and learn about the framework. It is very thorough and you can refer to it anytime during your development process. 
  • Excellent community support: Being one of the most popular frameworks, Angular has a huge community that is constantly growing. Members of the community are always willing to help you. The community provides you with an opportunity for more engaged learning through articles, forums, blogs, podcasts, classes, etc. 

Advantages of getting Angular training

Angular is one of the best options for developers who want to have a successful career in the mobile, desktop, and web app development fields. It is one of the most popular Javascript frameworks and benefits of learning it include:

  • Develop interactive and responsive apps with the help of a robust framework
  • Easy integration with other applications
  • With reduced code, developers can engage in a more productive development
  • Develop web, desktop, and native applications
  • The average salary of an Angular developer is higher compared to developers of other frameworks, which makes it a lucrative choice for your career. 
  • If you have a firm grip on Angular, it does wonders for your job prospects. Top sites like Logo, PayPal, The Guardian, and several others have been built on the framework. 

To sum it all up, Angular is an excellent framework for experienced and new developers alike. If you are looking for a skill to develop which can help you further your career, learning Angular is one of the best choices you can make. 

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