Advantages of Concrete Cube Testing

The construction site personnel works on concrete cube testing to determine the strength of the concrete. This means the ability of concrete to bear larger weights without breaking or cracking. This article explains the significant advantages and precautions to consider when carrying out concrete cube testing in the construction industry.

Concrete cube testing is one of the essential practices that the management should do in any construction site as much as the safety of the workers and any other personnel around the site is concerned. This secures the lifespan of the building or structure under construction and those that intend to use it. Some precautions must be taken, which will be discussed later in this article.

Advantages of concrete tube testing

the process is not time-consuming. The substantial slump test is an easy-to-do process that one can use in the least time possible. In scenarios where there is a lot of pressure of work that the structure being constructed needs to be completed in the nearest future, workers will not waste time since the machinery is used not much technicality but with easy-to-follow steps.

In addition, the slump test is an easy process that even a non-technical person can carry out without encountering difficulties. This also helps to save time and resources whereby not expensive skills are required compared to other processes that require special skills that may be rare. Considering where a concrete test cube is readily made, the process becomes even more accessible and more straightforward.

Also, the process does not require any expensive or special costly equipment. Unlike scientific experiments and techniques that require laboratories, concrete tube testing can be done on the construction site without any significant problems of environmental conditions being encountered. The process is quite flexible in that it needs no-cost stretching areas.

Precautions when using concrete tube testing machine

The steps should be followed carefully. Every test process has steps that one should follow to realize accurate results. The same applies to concrete tube testing. The person carrying out the test has to be keen on the procedure so that mistakes do not arise by surprise resulting in inconveniences.

The motor should be started at a lower speed and pressure. It is strictly forbidden to start the engine at a higher rate. Doing this may result in damage to the electrical appliances in the machine. Starting at a higher speed can also result in injuries to the operator of the device, whereby one may lose their body parts like a hand.

One should check the oil standards regularly. The levels of oil in the machine must be checked periodically. It helps to maintain lubrication in the axles, which reduces the force of friction that may cause wear and tear to the device.

The hydraulic oil should be replaced regularly. The oil sometimes gets used to a level that needs replacement because any further use may damage the machine’s engine. Also, the device should be washed every half year to maintain good working standards of the machine at all times.


Concrete tube testing is an essential practice that protects the lives of those using constructed buildings and the beauty of the building itself. Check also poker vibrators..

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