ACNH Guide For Beginners – What Things You Should Do Everyday In New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons it’s a game about routines and no matter how you play, there’s always something to do each day. Many new players are struggling with what things you should do daily in the game? If you want to get the most out of your time on your deserted island. Here are the ACNH Beginner guide that shares the best tips and tricks to maximize all the ACNH items you can get in every day,even if you don’t have time to do them all, even doing a few of these tests can go a long way when building up your town from a deserted island into your personal paradise.

1. Don’t Neglect Your Island Friends

Be sure to talk to each of your villager and neighbors every day to see what’s up. The more you chat, the better friends you’ll be. And the less likely they’ll want to leave your island. after around six days of chatting you’ll be able to give them gifts and they can return the favor.

2. Check In To Get Nook Miles

Of all the tasks you can complete on the island, only one offers consecutive bonuses for the diligent residents. Check-in at the resident services terminal each day to get bonus nook miles from 50 on your first visit all the way to 300 on your seventh consecutive day. If you only play for a little bit, it’s worth doing.

3. Check The Recycling Bin

While in resident services be sure to check the recycling bin, it may not always have anything of note but anything you find is usually worth selling and you may even find something to decorate your house with.

4. Shake The Trees

There’s more to trees than just branches. Take some time to shake each tree as you pass for a chance of getting extra ACNH bells or even a piece of furniture. You should always have a net equipped if a wasp nest falls down, quickly capture it and you can sell them for 2,500 ACNH bells at each.

5. Stroll The Beach For Recipes In

Everyone loves taking a stroll along the beach, but you should know that you can also find one message bottle each day containing a random ACNH DIY recipe. You should also see if any of your villagers are in their homes

as they might be hard at work on a recipe they’ll gladly share with you.

6. Strike All The Rocks

Each island only has a few rocks on it and some you can’t access until you have the right tools. Therefore, it’s important to make sure to strike each rock stockpile as many iron nuggets and other resources will appear. Since one random Rock will give you bells you can easily earn over 16,000 bells a day just from the Bell Rock.

7. Dig Up The Glowing Spots

Speaking of free Animal Crossing bells, you can also find one glowing spot on the ground each day. Dig up the spot for a free 1,000 bells but the real treat is the investment. Bury it back and it will grow into a tree with three times the bells. It takes a few days to grow but if you’re diligent you can get to a point where you’re planting and harvesting

bell trees every day.

8. Be On The Lookout For Fossils

While you’re out digging be on the lookout for buried fossils, you can usually find three to five a day. Once you appraise them, you can either donate them to the museum or sell them for a good price.

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