A guide to care for your long sleeve shirts

How should you wash your long sleeve shirts to keep them clean and well maintained? Cleaning and maintaining them is such a chore. As a result, sometimes what happens to our favorite clothes is that the color fades away. And if it is not properly washed, it becomes dull. 

Not only caring but wearing them in such a way also matters. For that reason, you should know how to style the long shirt and also get tips on how to fold long sleeve shirts

Basic care for your shirt starts with washing it in the correct way. After that rinse, dry, and iron the long sleeve shirt also plays a crucial role to keep it long-lasting.

Let’s discover how you can care for your long sleeve shirt and keep them long-lasting.

Wash your shirt well

Using hot water can damage the fibers and colors of your shirt. Regular washing will cause your shirt to lose its shape and become faded. Hard water will also affect the print on your shirt. 

To avoid all of these, consider going to a laundromat to wash your shirts. If you must wash your shirts at home, try pre-soaking them in vinegar before washing them. Also, use a laundry bag to keep special shirts separate from other items. Lastly, use non-chlorine bleach because this is the harshest bleach on the market.

Also, try and learn about men’s fashion and understand how they care and wear their long sleeve shirts. Learn how they fold a shirt while washing them.

To wash your dress shirts, unbutton them and remove collar stays. Use a delicate cycle for light-colored shirts and cold water for dark ones. For a more luxurious look, use a detergent with high-quality fibers. Be sure to dry your shirts on a clothesline or flat surface. Then, iron your dress shirts before storing them away in the closet.

Rinse and dry nicely

To maintain the appearance of your dress shirts, rinse and dry them nicely. To keep the shirt from getting dingy or dirty after a few years, you can purchase a shirt cleaner. These products are primarily used for oil-based stains, but they are not always effective in removing water-soluble dirt. Moreover, you must be aware that some shirts may not respond well to washing.

To avoid shrinkage, air-dry your shirts to avoid exposing them to direct sunlight. To prevent this problem, hang them outside or in front of a fan. Use a thick plastic hanger instead of a wire hanger. Using clothespins may cause pointy shapes in the shoulder area. Turn printed shirts inside-out before drying them to prevent pilling. Separate similar-weight shirts before placing them in the dryer. Heavy materials may cause aggravated fabric.

Iron your shirt perfectly

Before you start ironing your long sleeve shirt, make sure that you have undone all the buttons and laid the shirt flat on your ironing board. To avoid creating new creases while ironing, move the iron back and forth across the fabric. Then, start pressing down on the creases and folds while holding the cuff taut. Don’t forget to iron the buttons and placket as well.

Before you iron your collar, it is important to check if there is any plastic inside. If so, you’ll need to iron from the outside inwards. Start with the outside of the collar, and press inwards from the edges to the center. Be sure to iron the collar firmly from the outside in, not the center, as this could cause the fabric to gain creases. It’s best to iron the collar harder than the rest of the shirt, as it’s made of thicker material.

When it comes to taking care of your long-sleeve shirts and ensuring they remain in pristine condition, it’s important to trust a professional cleaning service. Just as you would seek expert advice from Houston Cleaners for your garment care needs, consider relying on reputable cleaners like Upscale Cleaners. With their expertise and dedication to providing high-quality cleaning services, Upscale Cleaners can handle the delicate fabrics and intricate details of your long-sleeve shirts. Their professional approach ensures that your garments are treated with the utmost care, resulting in a fresh and well-maintained appearance. So, if you’re looking for a reliable solution to keep your clothing in top shape, explore the services offered by Upscale Cleaners.

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