A Comprehensive Guide About Oni Masks: Japan’s Devil Masks

Expression varies differently for every individual. How do you like to express your thoughts and emotions? It can be through your words, gestures, opinions, and sometimes through your attire. But what about those who like to hide their expressions and emotions behind masks?

It can be an exciting way to express one’s thoughts through the use of masks like Oni. Of course, the mask’s purpose again differs depending on its users. But it is mainly for hiding one’s expression and face behind it.

Among the several types of masks available, one of the most popular is the Oni masks from Japan. You can now discover a selection of different Oni masks and use them for varied purposes. For example, credible sellers offer high-quality Oni masks for people who use them during festivals or portray characters in theatres.

So, what are these Oni masks, and what is the story behind them? Let’s check out here:

Origin Of Oni: Japan’s Devil Masks

To understand the different types of Oni masks, you need to get a brief idea of what Oni is. It is a type of yokai that comes from Japanese folklore. According to this folklore, an Oni is an evil that roams around the spirit world.

And it does so in different forms like ogres, trolls, demons, devils, etc. These are also some famous characters that you can find in literature, art, and theatres in the Land of the Sun. So, you see, they are part of the legendary spirits and creatures, including yurei, kappa, kitsune, and tengu.

How Do You Describe An Oni?

You can find a lot of masks now that came from the fundamental concept of Oni. And these Oni masks are pretty attractive and are widely popular. But the general ones are a little hideous and scary and often look like ogres.

According to Japanese traditions, these creatures have hair in disarray or wild hair with sharp claws that can be used as knives. Also, they have two long horns that usually grow from their heads.

These creatures are also called humanoids, but their characteristics are definitely different from regular humans. For example, they might even have more than three eyes and more limbs and fingers.

Many believe that the term “Oni” came from the word “on,” that is, the on’yomi reading of Japanese character “隠.”

In English, it means hidden or something that is concealing. So, you can describe “Oni” as the gods or spirits who are invisible to human’s naked eyes. There is a strong belief that they might be the causes of disasters, diseases, and all sorts of horrible events. And the strength of these characters is that they can take on different forms for deceiving others.

Oni Masks: Gen Z’s New Favorite

Well, the younger crowd loves the entire concept of Oni and the widely available masks in the market. While many might not have the whole idea in the traditional context, they love the outlook and style.

Even with the technological advancements, games and other shows based on this concept are gaining worldwide popularity. It gives the young generation something to imagine and quickly gets to their creative side. Moreover, it helps people experiment with their looks, thoughts, and even expressions. So, how do you like to wear your Oni mask?

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