A Beautiful Lab Diamond Wedding Band

A beautiful 14K white lab diamond wedding band showcases a row of round brilliant cut diamonds with a clarity grade of VS2. The diamonds have a color rank of F and a buffed luster. The 1 carat total weight of lab created diamonds on the band gives it a sophisticated look. Its timeless design represents eternal love and commitment. The ring also comes with a certificate of origin and quality that includes a photograph of the stones. This certificate can be used for insurance purposes.

U-shape style

Firstly, ensure the difference between lab diamonds vs real diamonds. A classic ring featuring a lab-created round diamond is always a favorite choice for a wedding or anniversary band. This 14k rose gold diamond band has additional design details, including a u-shape setting. The band is made to order and ships within 14 days. It will not disappoint your sweetheart and will make a wonderful gift for her. You can expect a beautiful ring, which will last for many years.

This beautiful ring can be worn alone or with a mounted engagement ring. The ring will look great paired with both round and oval shaped mounts. The indented center offers a stylish finish. A total of 26 prong-set round cut diamonds are set in this wedding band. The diamonds weigh approximately 1/10 carat.

The beauty of a lab-grown diamond wedding band is that it has the same properties as a natural diamond. The diamonds are the same quality as natural ones, and you can choose from many styles. You will also find lab-grown diamonds in yellow, rose, and platinum. Whether you’re looking for a simple band or a more elaborate ring, this style will surely match your taste and budget.

Pave setting

A Pave setting is an elegant way to showcase your diamond engagement ring. This style includes small stones that are arranged in a row in an elaborate pattern to create a beautiful ring. This style is usually found on engagement rings and is also known as a diamond solitaire ring.

One disadvantage of this style is that it is difficult to resize. Since the diamonds cover the entire ring shank, you may not be able to resize it. However, a skilled jeweler can make small changes to the ring if needed. If you decide on a Pave setting, you should be sure to find out your fianc√©’s ring size before deciding on the style.

The Pave setting is a style that allows you to get more sparkle for your money. Since the metal prongs are not noticeable, the pave setting allows the main stone to be more prominent. This style is also flexible and works well with vintage and modern styles of engagement rings.

Round and marquise-shaped diamonds

A marquise-shaped diamond can appear larger than it actually is. However, you can still purchase this stone at the same carat weight as a round brilliant diamond. Choosing the right size for your ring is important. Ideally, you should choose a length to width ratio of 1.75 to 2.15.

A marquise-shaped diamond has a long history and has many nicknames. It was originally created by a jeweler hired by King Louis XV in the 18th century. The King had a request for a unique diamond shape and chose a marquise.

Round and marquise-shaped diamond rings look beautiful on any finger. The elongated shape is flattering to long fingers and complements slender hands. It can also make short fingers appear thinner. Another benefit of marquise-cut diamonds is their ability to make a smaller diamond look larger.

Round and marquise-shaped diamond engagement rings can look elegant and timeless. Choose from vintage, classic, or modern designs. The marquise-cut diamond is a beautiful choice if you want to make a bold statement with your engagement ring.

Earth-grown option

If you’re on the fence about buying an Earth-grown 14-carat diamond wedding band, you may want to consider a bespoke service. This website allows you to select the perfect lab-grown diamond, as well as the setting and metal, to create a ring that looks and feels like an antique. In addition, you can consult with a diamond expert virtually before making a purchase. The site also has many deals and offers.

Getting engaged is an incredibly special moment in your life. To make it even more romantic, you should choose a unique engagement ring to symbolize your love. An Earth-grown diamond is a unique representation of your relationship and can make the proposal that much more special. However, there are other types of diamonds that are not earth-grown.


An eternity diamond band can also be very versatile. An oval-cut lab-grown diamond eternity ring can be a lovely choice for a special occasion. Alternatively, you can choose a classic band with a row of lab-grown baguette diamonds. This style is also available in yellow and white gold.

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