9 Warning Signs of Low Testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone produced in the human body that is produced by testicles in men. Testosterone acts to affect sexual development. It stimulates sperm production as well as male`s sex drive.

It builds muscles and bones. According to the data, it is highly proven that testosterone production decreases day by day as the age of men increases. Some people use Cenforce 150 or other ED tablets for increase testosterone level.

Serum testosterone test, In which your circulating levels of testosterone are determined at a certain level. A typical limit is 300 to 1,000 ng / dL. In which, I see signs of low test.

How do you know if you have low testosterone? You will know when testosterone production decreases. And they are often subtle. Here we have indicated 9 signs of low testosterone which will improve your sex drive.

9 Warning Signs Of Low Testosterone?

1: Low sex drive – Low testosterone face

Sometimes men experience flame testosterone with age. And it can play an important role to increase libido. Often people with low T cannot produce the desire to have sex.

2: Difficulty getting an erection – a sign of low testosterone

Testosterone helps stimulate a man’s sex drive and achieving and maintaining an erection. Testosterone stimulates receptors in the brain to produce nitric oxide.

Males appear to have erection difficulties in which testosterone benefits are almost half, and the source showed no improvement with testosterone treatment.  If you want to increase testosterone level so you can us Cenforce 200, it’s used to increase blood flow in penis area. 

3: Low semen volume – low testosterone face

Men with low T notice a lack of semen during ejaculation. Testosterone plays an important role in the production of semen, which is helpful in sperm motility.

4: Losing hair on legs testosterone

Testosterone plays an important role in hair production. And sometimes men with low T may suffer hair loss.  Male aging is a natural part.

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5: Fatigue

Often we have found that men with low T are more tired. He has started doing yoga or has completed sleep. Yet men with low T feel very tired.

6: Muscle loss

It has often been shown that men notice a decrease in muscle mass. Testosterone plays an important role in muscles. It affects muscles but not necessarily strength or function.

7: Body fat increase

An imbalance between testosterone and estrogen within the male can cause body fat to be increase. Low T men often experience an increase in body fat. Sometimes a woman develops enlarged breast tissue.

8: Mood changes

Testosterone affects physical processes in the body and can affect mood and mental capacity. A male with low T suffers from depression and irritability. They also experience a change of issue.

9: Affected blood counts

Some of the symptoms of severe anemia we have seen include dizziness, leg cramps, sleepiness problem, and rapid heart rate. That using placebo gel may see an improvement in blood count compared to.


If you have encountered testosterone levels below 300 ng / dL, you will experience fewer T symptoms. You can do a blood test with your doctor and you can talk to them. He can recommend treatment.

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