9 Things You Can Do to Cure Your Hangover Quickly

Drinking and partying can be fun but sometimes you can’t tell when you are overindulging until the next  morning when your aching body reminds you that you drank way more alcohol than it could handle!

Hangovers can come in many forms including nausea, headaches, fatigue and sometimes shaking. None of the signs are pleasant.

In this condition, your mind is bothered, and you wish you could find an effective way to cure a hangover fast. From this post, you’ll learn the fastest way to get back to feeling like yourself.

Stay Hydrated

When drinking alcohol, you probably find yourself visiting the restroom way more frequently than you normally would.  Alcohol has a diuretic effect, meaning it increases urine production, which leads to loss of body fluids and electrolytes. Combined with the potential for sweating and vomiting in people who over drink, dehydration is very common.

If you drink regularly, dehydration can cause long term effects on your health such as kidney failure, dry and wrinkled skin, and electrolyte imbalance.

Although dehydration does not directly contribute to hangovers, it is the main cause of headaches and dizziness after drinking. Therefore, drink a lot of water to replenish the lost fluids. Rehydration is the best hangover nausea cure.

Try Hangover Cure Supplements

Hangover cure supplements are made of different herbal extracts, nutraceuticals and vitamins. They may be sold in a tablet format, as a beverage or even as an oral spray.

Eat a Substantial Breakfast

One of the best-known remedies for curing hangovers is eating a hearty breakfast. Low blood sugar might not be a significant cause of a hangover, but it might contribute to it. A well-balanced breakfast balances the sugar levels and might cure some of the symptoms.

Adequate blood sugar can also help curb toxicity that results from alcohol intake, such as a build-up of acidity in the blood. The acidity imbalance can contribute to nausea, fatigue and sometimes vomiting.

A balanced breakfast should include lean proteins such as eggs, legumes and nuts, low-fat dairy, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, among others. These can be the best solution for  how to cure hangover nausea and many other symptoms.

Get Good Sleep

A night of good sleep is known to cure several problems. A good rest and sleep are the best things to mitigate your hangover symptoms. A small amount of alcohol is known to trigger a perfect sleep, but taking huge quantities causes sleep disruption and deprivation.

Ensure you find some time, close the curtains, switch off your phone and sleep. It relaxes the body and rids anxiety. In sleeping, you give your body time to recover. Also, you might sleep throughout the period your body is undergoing discomfort due to hangovers and fail to feel it. You might wake up healed and rejuvenated.

Take a Shower

One of the hangover symptoms in many people is the feeling of laziness and tiredness. Alternating hot and cold showers will ease fatigue by relaxing the muscles and rejuvenating your body.

Also, taking a shower improves blood circulation in the body, makes you more alert and improves your mood. Although this is an old method to ease hangover symptoms, it can, at least, help to reduce multiple symptoms acting as an easy and inexpensive hangover cure solution.

Take Some Painkillers

You might have a persistent headache that never goes away despite the many remedies you try. A headache comes with a disturbing feeling that might need immediate treatment. In this case, you should consider taking some painkillers for the hangover headache cure.

In some people, their hangovers include body aches. Taking an over the counter medication such as ibuprofen can help relieve the pain by easing the hangovers.

Exercise Moderately

Exercising can be a challenging undertaking when you feel hung over. However, a simple exercise like walking can go a long way in reducing the hangover symptoms. Exercising might not cure a hangover, completely but it will aid the process to some extent.

Although a strenuous exercise routine is not a good idea when you have a hangover because it can worsen dehydration, try some small movements like jogging or walking, but make sure to drink a lot of water before you begin.

Eat Carbohydrates

Carbs are the best source of quick sugars in your body. Munching on some dry crackers, nuts, and toast will help replenish your energy levels. Some wet carbs like pizza can heighten the nausea, which is why you should avoid them.

Try a Sports Drink

Sports drinks are packed with electrolytes that help regulate fluids in the body by boosting blood glucose and sodium levels. In doing so, electrolytes allow your muscle cells to absorb water quickly and use it for easier rehydration. Therefore, drinking a bottle of your favorite sports drink might act as an emergency hangover cure; but make sure to stock it beforehand.

If you wonder how to cure a hangover fast, try the above remedies. However, an even better approach to managing hangovers is to drink responsibly. Take what your body can handle, and you’ll be safe from hangovers.

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