9 Hidden Features of Conversion Websites You Didn’t Know About

With the world still in a pandemic, changes in our daily routine are slowly being adopted. Current face-to-face gathering and multiple human interactions are still restricted to combat this virus. One sector, in particular, that is being affected throughout the pandemic is Education. Schools and universities don’t have any option but to move to online learning. Online learning may have its disadvantages, but with the current situation, it is the best option we have so far. To learn more about online learning, visit taughtup.com

In online learning, some students and instructors have difficulties in online schooling, especially in handling documents. They tend to access the internet and ask for help by visiting different websites, particularly, conversion sites. Conversion websites provide us with many options to convert our files to other file formats. But do you know that there are other features of these websites aside from conversion? In this article, we will explore the hidden features of online conversion websites that can aid you.

1. PDF to PPT

It may not seem uncommon for conversion websites to convert PDF to PPT, but if you think about it, most of us don’t know this feature much more about using it. As the name implies, it is basically to convert a PDF file to PPT, but sometimes it is used in extracting information from a PDF file and using it in a PowerPoint presentation.

2. Compress PDF

Next on our list is Compress PDF. It is a feature that compresses a PDF file and reduces it to smaller file size. The feature also has an option wherein you can select the compression level of the file you want.

3. Edit PDF

One tool that is now available to most conversion sites is the Edit PDF feature. With this feature, you can edit your PDF file without the need of converting it to other file formats. You can add images, shapes, text as well as freehand annotations. A tool perfect for those who don’t like lengthy processes in editing their PDF.

4. Number Pages

One problem when you encounter PDF is that sometimes, page numbers are not available, or you forgot to put them when converting to a PDF file. But with this feature, you can add page numbers in your PDF easily. You also have the option to choose where these page numbers are positioned. This can be very handy when you are in a rush or lazy to repeat converting or combining PDF.

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5. Add Watermark

Nowadays, content theft and unauthorized use of files are rampant on the internet. And it is frustrating when you pour your time and skills into content just to be robbed of it. But with the Add Watermark feature, you could protect your files and content from possible theft and unauthorized use from exploiters on the internet.

6. Protect PDF

Another method of protecting your files from unauthorized access and theft is using encryptions to prevent people from accessing your PDF file. You just need to think of a password that will be used as encryption for the file. Once the password has been determined, it is already easy to set up the encryption lock for your file.

7. Unlock PDF

This feature works side by side with the Protect PDF feature. If you are going to use an encrypted file, you will need a platform to decrypt it. Just remember that you need the password of the encrypted file to unlock it. Once you get past that step then it will be as easy as pie.

8. Rotate PDF

Sometimes, you tend to forget to rotate certain pages of PDF documents, like when you are combining them using the Merge PDF feature. And it becomes very frustrating when you do the whole process again. But with this feature, you are removing that repetition. Instead, you can directly rotate a specific page of that PDF file. It may seem unnecessary, but it is quite helpful when some situation arises.

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9.  eSign PDF

Imagine you have a legal document that requires signing, but you don’t have the resources to print, sign, and scan it out. With this feature, you can input your signature directly to the document without the hassle. Some of us use this feature when we are in a rush or if we can’t be bothered doing a boring tedious process.Read more about f95zone


During this pandemic, the use of electronic files has become common and widespread. It is likely because of the ongoing pandemic that plagued the world. With the help of these conversion websites, it became simpler and easier to handle electronic files, especially for PDF. They make work easy and less burdensome for both students and workers. But it is also important for us to know what the different weapons in our arsenal are. Besides helping you in times of need, this article provided information on multiple features available in a conversion site. Now, it is up to you to decide when and how you are going to use it.

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