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8 Essential SEO Tips for Launching Your New Company Website

Launching a website for your business will help you further establish your brand. But for that to happen, you need a reliable SEO agency to assist you.

SEO helps your business website to rank higher on the results page of search engines. Once it happens, more people can access your website and see the products or services you offer.

For that to happen, here are ten essential SEO tips to successfully launch your company website.

1. Pick a concise and effective domain name for your website

The domain name is where SEO starts working. SEO helps your business website to rank higher on the results page of search engines. Once it happens, more people can access your website and see the products or services you offer.

Since it is your company website, the domain name should also be similar to it as it serves as your branding. If you will just launch your business together with the website, you need to ensure that the name you choose is still available.

There is no turning back when picking the right domain name, as it can affect your branding and how SEO works. Thus, take your time in choosing the right one.

2. Choose WordPress as your CMS for SEO functionality

When it comes to choosing the content management system or CMS platform for where you want to create your website.

WordPress is one of the most popular, with over 42% of websites using it. And there is a good reason why.

WordPress is SEO-friendly. It has a built-in plugin for SEO, such as the Yoast SEO, that helps you maximize the SEO functionalities of your website to better rank it on Google and other search engine platforms.

3. Come up with a keyword strategy

Keywords are essential to SEO. But how do you know the right keywords to use?

Keyword research is an important method to practice to improve SEO. You can do it in Google AdWords Keyword Planner.

The keywords you should input should be related to your business niche or industry. In that way, you can focus on important terms that your target consumers use.

As soon as you use these keywords on your website content, do not forget to track them. If you have hired an SEO agency, they will be the one to monitor this for you and update your content if the keywords you use do not help to rank your website on search engines.

4. Create content before launch and outline a content calendar for future content

Content is king. Thus, you need to work on how you can make your content SEO-friendly for it to rank on page one of search engines like Google.

To start creating high-quality content, you need to plan your content strategy. Scheduling your content, either a blog posting, video or social media posting, using a content calendar is a must so you will not lose track of what type of content you need to work on. It will also help you estimate the time you need to allot to finish them and ensure their quality.

Creating pillar content or more in-depth content on your related topics to your business helps web crawlers to recognize your content as high-quality and original. Thus, you should also make an effort to create one more often.

To further improve SEO, developing an internal linking strategy will also increase your chance to land on the top page of the search engine results page or SERP.

5. Install Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the top choice for SEO tools. It helps you track the number of visitors you have to your website. In addition, they also provide information on how they reach your website, what pages they have visited, how long they stay browsing, and much other essential data you may need that will be of use for your business.

You can use this data to plan out what type of content you can create, such as blogs or video blogs, and when it is ideal to post them.

Make sure you create an account on Google Analytics as soon as your website gets life, so you will not miss any valuable insights.

6. Check for errors and test usability

Before launching your website, ensure that every part or page of it works well. Check if there are any broken links, bad redirections, missing titles, or if the checkout is not secure.

It is your priority that your users or customers will not experience any issues or errors that may interrupt them to browse and buy the products or services you sell.

You can use software and run a crawl of your site. You can check your website’s accessibility and fix any issues before launching it.

7. Examine your competitors’ websites

There are already a lot of businesses online. If your niche is one of the most popular ones such as a digital SEO agency, selling apparel and fashion items, offering online courses, and many others, you need to step up your game and ensure you attract the most of your target customers as much as you can.

To do it, you can check your competitors’ websites to get a grasp of how they work on their SEO strategy, backlinks, and how to design their websites. You can apply it to your business as well and make improvements or adjustments.

Remember that your goal is not to copy them, but serve them as an inspiration or example of how you should better work on your business.

8. Promote on social media

More and more people are using social media, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, or YouTube. That is why you also need to expand your business on any of these platforms to ensure you can attract the right consumers who will get interested in what you sell or offer.

In addition to a website, you can also create a page or account on any of these popular social media platforms. As soon as you post an update on the website, you can share it on these platforms or link them to it to further increase your SEO ranking.


For beginners, the concept of SEO can be complicated and daunting. If you do not have enough time or you already have enough on your plate in managing your business, hiring a reliable SEO agency to work on your business website is necessary.

We hope that the tips we have shared will help you realize the importance of SEO to grow your business in the digital world.

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