7 tips to improve your chance of winning, while playing rummy

Rummy is one of the most-favoured card games in India. When it comes to family gatherings, this remains the first choice to play. Rummy is a match-making card game that is easy to understand and fun to play. This game is all about rapid thinking, sharp observation skills, and quick decisions. In the game of Rummy, players need to make perfect sets and sequences from the given deck of cards before other players on the table. In India, 13-card Rummy is played with two decks of cards having two jokers. The idea here is to arrange the 13 cards the players have in their hands in the right seats and sequences. Instead of playing with actual cards, you can also play Rummy online. Various online gaming platforms feature Rummy games and offer exciting prizes. But before you sign up to any such platform, know how to win the game.   

Tips for winning at the Rummy game

Here are some tips you can apply to improve your chances of winning a 13-card Rummy.

The art of melding

When you have all your cards in hand, set your preferences right. This means you must meld a pure sequence (i.e. it must contain more than three cards). Once you are done melding all your cards you can focus on other stuff. 


Keep an eye on what the other participants are doing. Be observant of what is discarded by other players and choose among the pile of open cards. This will offer you a decent picture of how they play Rummy. This way, you’ll always know which card to keep or discard.

Get rid of cards 

Always strive to use off higher-valued cards at first. Hoarding high point cards such as the Ace, Queen, King, or Jack and waiting to create sets and/or sequences with them might raise your points burden if your opponent declares first. Thus, if you want to improve your chances of winning the game, discard the cards of high value. 

Know your cards 

 A run or a Sequence often consists of more than three cards. Many players are unaware of this fact. They think that a run cannot have more than three cards, which is not true. Always keep an eye for and collect smart cards. Smart cards are those cards with which you can easily make a run. Eg, seven of any suit can be combined with five and six of a similar suit, as well as eight and nine of the same suit. 

Make the best use of jokers

Jokers are very important in rummy. Remember to make the greatest use of Joker cards in your game. To finish a higher-valued set or run, make use of the joker card. Also, remember not to use a joker in creating an original run. 

Arrange your cards properly 

Waiting for a specific card to merge a run is probably not a good idea. To make arrangements, you must continuously scrutinise the cards and reevaluate them. When you’re organising your cards, make sure it’s straightforward. One method is to swap the hues. And you won’t be perplexed when it is about using or getting rid of a card. Cards should not be kept for an extended period. Keep getting rid of the cards that aren’t being utilised in real-time, especially if their points worth is high.

Trick your opponents 

When choosing cards for a run among the open pile, you shall be conscious that you basically are giving your opponent a complete idea about your entire game. As a player, you can perplex them by tossing a card (which has a similar one) that belongs to the same sequence. 

Alternatively, you can deceive your opponent into giving you the cards you need. This might be useful when seeking a card and completing a set. Eg, if you are merging a set of 3 Jack Cards and there is a Jack of Clubs and Hearts, discarding the Spades queen will confuse the opponent, who will then discard the Jack of Spade, as per your desire! Fishing and baiting refer to the technique of deceiving and convincing your competitor to discard the particular card you desire.

If you were not familiar with these 7 tips for playing Rummy before you are now. So, you can play Rummy with your opponents now and make use of these tips and increase your chances of winning the Rummy game. Furthermore, you can sign up to online gaming platforms like GetMega and experience the best Rummy game ever! GetMega promises players to enjoy the game responsibly. This platform understands the risk of potential negative effects of gaming and hence deploys a standard security system. GetMega also maintains fairly. So, if any player wishes to indulge in any deceptive practices, he/she will be banned instantly. 

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