7 Reasons Why You Should Edit and Share Your Documents Using Cloud Tools

The days of manual editing are long gone. Today, documents must be edited and shared digitally to stay on top of industry standards, save time, and ensure continuity across different systems and devices.

Cloud-based PDF tools are a great way to instantly edit PDFs and share your documents with anyone, regardless of location or internet speed.

To help you master the editing process, we’ve compiled this list of seven reasons why you should use cloud tools to edit and share your documents rather than traditional methods like Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

What are cloud-based tools?

Cloud-based tools are software programs that store data centrally on remote servers and can be accessed remotely, via an app, or online. These include Word, Pages, Google Docs, Excel, and PowerPoint. Many of these services will let you edit documents in real-time, as long as both people have an internet connection.

Cloud-based tools offer other features, such as the ability to share files online with different groups of people, merge documents, or add revisions that others can see in real-time. Many cloud tools will also keep track of every change made by you or any collaborators, so you will always know who did what.

Let’s examine the seven reasons you should consider using cloud-based tools in your office or business.

7 reasons why you should use cloud tools for editing

They enhance collaboration

Cloud collaboration tools increase employee efficiency and productivity by allowing employees to work more efficiently with their team while fostering efficiency and communication. Sharing programs and combined PDF files are great for sharing feedback, getting people involved in an issue, or brainstorming ideas.

They can be edited on any platform—web, mobile, or desktop—so long as your colleagues can access them. It’s even possible to edit a shared document simultaneously, so you don’t need to wait for someone else to make changes before making your edits.

They are easy to use

Cloud tools are mostly browser-based, so they’re easy to use anywhere you can access a computer. And since your content is stored online, you don’t need to worry about losing it due to hardware failure or other mishaps.

For example, if anything happens with your laptop—a hard drive crash or a cup of coffee spilled on your keyboard—you can simply log into another machine and keep working.

They are secure

To edit and share files online, you need to rely on an editing tool that is secure enough to protect your documents. Cloud-based PDF editing tools are highly reliable because they ensure that no one can access your documents unless you give them access or they hack into a third party.

Here, security features like two-factor authentication always come in handy, and it’s easy to track who accesses your files, where they access them from, or what they might be doing with your files.

They make sharing files easy.

Many cloud-based PDF editing tools allow you to easily share files with clients or coworkers. For example, if you’re working on a legal brief, you can easily share it with other lawyers on your team.

To do so, log into one of these websites to upload your file and send a link to colleagues who need access. They can either view your document in real-time or download it onto their system for review.

They have advanced editing features.

Cloud-based editing tools are capable of correcting spelling mistakes, merging PDF files, and more advanced features that allow you to make changes in just a few clicks.

For example, Google Docs has a built-in grammar checker that flags errors for easy review. It also offers a “Suggest an edit” feature for Docs users who want to update or add content to documents created by others.

They integrate seamlessly with other cloud tools.

Suppose a change needs to be made or part of your document needs to be reviewed by another user. In that case, you don’t have to worry about saving multiple versions or sharing files between computers for each reviewer to access on their computer. Cloud-based tools can seamlessly integrate with other cloud tools such as Google Docs.

They are affordable

Although many cloud-based services offer advanced editing features and file-sharing services at a cost, not all of them charge a monthly or yearly fee. There are several free cloud-based PDF tools available on various platforms, so you usually don’t have to spend any money to access these tools, regardless of whether you’re creating a document for business or personal use.

Four reliable cloud-based PDF tools

Now that we’re done looking at why cloud-based PDF tools are good let’s look at the best PDF editors worldwide in 2022.


SodaPDF is an online PDF tool that allows you to upload, edit, and combine PDF files with other users. This online document editor offers many of the same functions you’d find in their offline program. Still, with all of your information stored in a cloud location rather than on your local hard drive, you can access your files at any time, from anywhere.

Foxit PDF Reader

Foxit Reader is a free PDF software that allows you to view, create, edit, annotate, and share files securely. It is one of the most powerful tools in the PDF industry because of its small size and lightning-fast loading speed. The Foxit Reader comes with full-featured text-to-speech technology that can read aloud any PDF document and save you time if you have to multitask.


There are many great online PDF editors, but LuminPDF is unique due to its simplicity. It’s easy to install, free, has secure share files capability, and offers all of the features you need in an editor. The biggest upside? With Lumin, there are no limits when it comes to sharing or collaborating with other people. You can share and redact files and even merge documents online with their unique pdf merger and splitter.

This makes LuminPDF perfect for working on group projects with co-workers or friends. In addition, Lumin has many different security options which allow you to protect your work from being edited by others who don’t have access, so you can collaborate without having to worry about anyone tampering with your original content.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader is an online PDF-creating program that allows you to upload, view, edit, and share documents across various programs. With Acrobat Reader, you can create forms or surveys from your Word documents and then send them through email or upload them to other cloud services for sharing.


While they might not be as well-known as Google Drive or Dropbox, the cloud-based PDF tools mentioned above offer many valuable features that can enhance productivity by helping you edit and share documents. Choose a tool based on its functionality; if editing multiple docs at once is essential to you, choose an editor that supports multiple files. If you’re looking for an affordable way to edit your documents anytime, anywhere – check out some online PDF tools today!

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