7 Reasons It’s Harder to Lose Weight with Age

No matter what your age is, losing weight has always been a tough nut to crack. However, with aging, it becomes quite difficult to shed off the extra pounds. It is because of the various underlying reasons that interfere with your weight loss plan.  The most common reasons being, hormonal changes, increase in stress level, muscle loss, insufficient sleep, etc.

Here you can learn about the seven most common reasons why it’s tough to lose weight once you age.

Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes are quite common with aging. But hormonal changes are not limited to women. But men experience the same with aging. While women undergo hormonal changes due to reduced estrogen levels and menopause, men experience a fall in testosterone levels with age. The changes in hormones make it difficult for an aged person to stick to a healthy lifestyle or maintain a proper diet. Thus, leading to weight gain.

Reduced metabolism

As you lose muscle mass with aging, the metabolism of your body also slows down. Metabolism is the process of converting calories into energy in the human body. But when you tend to lose body muscle and gain more fat, the calorie-burning gets reduced. Besides, with aging, a person also becomes less active. This also slows down your metabolism. Although aging is one of the major causes behind a reduced metabolism, other factors like body size and sex also play an active role. So, in order to maintain healthy body weight, it’s a good idea to take weight loss supplements as it helps improve fat metabolism.

You are more sedentary

With aging, it’s quite usual that you would spend more time on your office desk or home than on the roads. At this age, your career is in full swing and demands more working hours. Hence, posing a threat to your weight loss plans. On average, you may be spending just an hour or so commuting and spending more than eight hours on your office desk. Also, you have so much workload that you have no time to go for a walk outside.

It’s also obvious that you have no time to make some healthy food for yourself. Hence you would probably get something from the vending machine or just order high-calorie takeout food.

Changes in lifestyle

Another important reason why weight loss becomes tough with aging is, you have to experience major lifestyle changes when you are older. Sometimes it’s not only what’s going on inside your body. But how your habits and lifestyle change with aging. When you enter your thirties, suddenly all your schedules and preferences change. The hour that you used to spend at the gym after a day-long of work, is usually spent with your kids at home. Starting a family comes with a lot of responsibilities and changes. Once you become a parent, the responsibilities just double. Once when you spent your extra time taking care of yourself, now you have to give time to your kids and family. Your child’s homework and playdates require your time and attention. As a result, you forget to follow a diet plan or an exercise schedule. Resulting in declined health and obesity.

Muscle loss

According to a few studies and research, human body muscle starts to decline at a rate of 3 to 8 percent per decade once you enter your thirties. There may be other medical conditions too that lead to muscle loss. For example, arthritis, which is a very common ailment that most senior people suffer from. A condition like arthritis can lead to an additional loss of body muscle. With reduced muscle mass, the unburnt calories lead to more weight gain in the process.

Stress and tension

Stress is one of the major causes of any health complications. Especially when you want to lose weight, stress can be the biggest barrier on your way. This is because stress leads to sleepless nights. And when you remain awake for most of the day you will get more hungry and will consume more food. Hence if you want to maintain a healthy weight and stay healthy, you must engage yourself in activities that make you happy. By doing so, you won’t get stressed out easily.

Insufficient sleep

Sleeplessness and stress enhance the cortisol levels resulting in an increased appetite. It’s also better to keep yourself busy both mentally and physically. Doing so, you will get tired and will soon fall asleep once you hit the bed.

The bottom line

Altogether, it’s always tough to lose weight no matter what your age is. However, old age comes with multiple physical ailments and environmental changes. Thus, when you are old, losing weight becomes tougher. But with proper knowledge and health measures, you can always win the game and succeed in cutting down the extra pounds. Other articles published by Health Canal will provide you with more sufficient information on how to stay fit, healthy, and strong always.

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