7 Hidden Tourist Places Near Shimla & How to Reach There

You might be Known to the major tourist places near Shimla. But still, there are many which are undiscovered. And the best part is that these hidden gems have a more fascinating and mesmerizing view. Not only this there are bunches of activities available to enjoy. So let us list out those hidden gems of Shimla. You can also update these places in your Shimla Manali Tour Packages.


Naldera is 233 km away from Shimla and although being so close it is away from the tourist crowd. But then is deprived of the fame that it can gain. But since here you are searching for an offbeat place, then please visit the place once. Among the other major things that you can do here is to enjoy the sightseeing at Shaily Peak, Chadwick Falls, and the Craignano Nature Park. The other very famous thing about Naldehra is the Naldehra Golf Course present here.

How to Reach Naldehra

To reach Naldehra from Shimla, you can either book a taxi or car or the bus as well. If you have a private car then you just have to travel 23 km. The taxi will cost more and the bus will cost the lowest that is 55 rupees.


Cheog is a village near Kufri. It is full of greenery, mountains and beautiful waterfalls as well. The apple orchards present over here are the most luring things for the tourist. Also, Cheog is famous for horse riding, hiking, and Picnics.

How to Reach Cheog

The distance between Cheong and Shimla is just 23 km. So, you can better use the roadways to reach Cheog. By car, you need to travel via Fagu to reach Cheog and same by bus and taxi. But in case you are coming from any city then you can opt for the option for the Shimla airport. Also in the case of other cities traveling from the railway is also feasible. You can catch the train from the nearest 25 km far railway station from Cheog.


The Theog village is the most wonderful gateway from Delhi. It is situated at the T-point of the roads connecting the Rohru and the Kinnaur. This small picturesque village attracts a lot of small children so protect it from the. The major activity here is trekking. And the best place to trek is Kang and the other is Shali Tibba.

How to Reach Theog

Theog has located around 28 km from Shimla. To reach by road, you will have to take the Shimla-Rohru Highways. If you are arriving from any other city then opt for airways where the airport is 53 km away. The next option is the train where the railway station is 32 km away.


The peak of Koti is widely known for the fascinating sunrise and the sunset. The whole mountains and the peaks nearby turn into reddish-orange color. The color of the sky as well as the surroundings looks just amazing. The most famous things to do here include hiking, Bird watching, playing cricket on Chall ground, visiting Kali Tibba temple.

How to Reach Koti

If you are traveling from Delhi, then you have three options, by bus, by taxi, and by train and light. In all the cases you need to drop at Shimla first and then go to the Koti village, by car, taxi or bus. You can also travel from Chandigarh and in that case, you need to reach again Shimla at first.


Kotkhai is famous for major things such as peaks and ancient culture. This place is to trek to the peaks, observe the beauty of nature, and witness the culture and traditions over there. There are also ancient temples at the peaks that offer a great landscape. There are numerous places in the village to visit such as the Giri Ganga, Nawar Valley, Kupar Peak, and the Hatkoti temple.

How to Reach KotKhai

Since this village is a bit far from the main city Shimla and has 60 km of distance in between. By car or taxi, you can cover the distance in 2 hours. You need to follow the Shimla-Rohru highway. Also, if you are directly arriving from Delhi then opt for the bus to Shimla and then to Kotkhai. Traveling from Chandigarh will be more convenient since it takes a total of 6 hours to reach Chandigarh to Kotkhai.


If you are traveling during the winter season then Narkanda is the ultimate place in Shimla to visit. If you want to enjoy the snowfall in a peaceful atmosphere then

this place is the most suitable place near Shimla. The very famous places of Narkanda to visit are Kacheri, Stokes Farm, Hatu Peak, and Jau Baug. And the major activity is skiing.

How to Reach Narkanda

To reach Narkanda, 2 hours car drive from Shimla is required. Apart from this, you can book a taxi from Shimla costing 2500 rupees. Also, the bus is the cheapest way to reach Narkanda from Shimla. You just need to reach Shimla from Delhi and book a ticket on the HRTC bus costing INR 128.


If you are looking for a place in solitude, away from all the cross and near to the natural beauty and landscapes. Then 75 km far from Shimla the Kotgarh can be your stay. The place is full of different things too and a suitable one to come with your friends on a trip. The major attractions of this place are Kotgarh village, Local fairs of the region, and the Tani Jubbar lake. And the most prominent activity is to trek in places like Basleo Pass Trek, Hatu Peak Trek, and the Mural Danda Trek.

How to Reach Kotgarh

The car journey to Kotgahr will take 2.5 hours since you will be taking Shimla to the Kufri route and will continue on the Narkanda. Then proceed from Narkanda to Thanehar and finally Kotgahr.


Hence, these are the hidden gems of Shimla. These tourist places in Shimla are although hidden but are most fascinating places. And since now you know the fact then just go and enjoy the trip without the heavy crowd or you can ask your travel agent in India to make an itinerary including these places of manali.