6 Suggestions to Train Your Child’s Hands-on Skills in Maths

As a parent, you probably know that children need to spend more time on their hands-on skills when learning something new in maths or any other important subject like science which they might find difficult to understand. Using an online math learning app like Creta Class might be a solution to encourage kids to participate in math study positively.

Kids must be trained to develop better hands-on maths skills and a knack for learning maths by themselves. But how would that be possible? You can start by joining an online math learning app like Creta Class India. It is an educational application that can help your child learn math fundamentals. If your child is 3 to 8 years old and has just started learning, this application can be significantly helpful.

Why are hands-on skills essential in math?

Hands-on skills mean learning something through practical application. Through hands-on practice, children learn while exploring. It helps develop their thinking skills before solving a mathematical problem. As kids develop their understanding, it becomes easier for them to engage with a particular learning style.

Hands-on skills help kids develop motor skills and let them learn from their mistakes. Creta Class math lesson involves skill-based learning to help kids discover and learn more as they can do math practice like playing games subconsciously because of the lesson designs.

Let us take a quick look at some suggestions to train your child in hands-on practice to help develop math skills.

1. Promote Visual Learning to Understand Basic Math Concepts

Visual learners prefer to pick up knowledge through observation. Children typically have very little patience. Especially if the subject is math, children might feel bored if the way of teaching is not attractive. Videos are a great way to help children understand important concepts because they learn best through visuals. To engage kids in the eLearning course better, apps such as Creta Class use animated videos to establish a connection with them.

They usually can concentrate well on a fun practice. Children enjoy watching cartoon videos or reading picture books. Visual learners like colors and shapes can be learned with the help of visual learning. Their learning pathways of Math include practicing patterns and classifying shapes.

2. Encourage Auditory Learning

Kids enjoy watching and listening. Since they are very young, they primarily learn through listening. Children enjoy listening to stories read aloud to them, music, and rhymes. They also favor verbal compliments. Because they are easily distracted by the sounds around them, auditory learners occasionally tend to lose focus. Learning through doing stimulates brain growth. Auditory learning is helpful in math as well.

Creta Class accomplishes the same goal by attracting kids’ attention with sound effects and animated lessons for the math subject. Young children can interact with the instructional materials, make mistakes, and learn thanks to the practice sessions and instant feedback practically. Making mistakes helps us learn valuable lessons.

3. Develop a “hands-on” habit

Getting your child used to use their hands is one of the most crucial things you can do to help them develop these skills. The best way to do this is by ensuring they have access to tools, materials, and supplies that will allow them to practice at whatever activity they choose.

By accessing learning app like Creta Class, parents don’t have to worry as kids will use devices such as tablets or phones to interact and learn. They can solve practice quizzes and play math-based games. It fosters opportunities for learning to use all seven senses while fostering the growth of critical thinking abilities. It is a practical approach to learning. With the story designed in each lesson of Creta Class app, kids can learn math with a real-life situation and know how math works in it, which can also be a great help for developing the hands-on habit.

4. Stimulate children’s curiosity and creativity

When trying to encourage your children’s curiosity and creativity, it’s essential to recognize the importance of these traits. “Children who are encouraged to explore their environment have greater learning opportunities.”

Being curious about things can help children better understand themselves and others; Joining the Creta class will help your children understand more. In addition, being creative allows them to express themselves in unique ways — which is excellent! With animated lessons, children can lose their fear of math. Instead, they can develop an interest in the subject. It will also make them more confident in their abilities when they return home after spending time at school or preschool.

5 Make it challenging to create more fun.

Children enjoy challenges, but they also enjoy having fun and steer clear of tasks that seem to be too challenging. Use a variety of math activities for kids—some difficult, some simple—so that they feel like they are progressing and making good progress.

You can use graphics or other animations to help make the online learning experience fun and engaging for kids.

However, you don’t have to bother about it if you seek help from a math app like Creta Class. The experts know how children can enjoy challenging tasks through a fun approach. The lessons will guide kids to think and experience the process of solving math problems. As a result, practices are designed of different levels and are customized per the child’s level of learning.

6. Try Out Practices

We all know that practice makes one perfect. Spending more time training and keeping your kids engaged in whatever practice they are doing will help them develop almost anything. Creta Class math app has AI-based practices that are perfect for younger kids to try it out whenever they learn something new. An app like this is straightforward to use, so kids won’t have difficulty figuring out what needs to be done. The app offers math concepts so that it appears more like a fun game to play than anything else.


The tips we have listed here can be great for your child. Their hands-on skills will help them learn better and faster than other kids. As a parent, it’s important to teach them these skills early so they can succeed. To make things easier, you can check more details on the official website of Creta Class. It will help develop your child’s logical thinking skills.