The beginning of podcasts date back for almost two decades, since then it has sustained and evolved to become a popular means of media in recent years. Podcasts are now increasingly used for news, talk shows and information exchange. With the advent of smart phones and their increased users, Podcasts have reached many android and IOS devices. Large number of Podcast apps are available in both android and IOS devices. Check out best live vocals microphone they might be a good use for you. Each app offers varied podcast features. I have listed below the 6 best android podcast apps available in playstore, please have a look at them.

  1. Podbean.

Google play store rating : 4.7/5.0

Downloads                      : 1M+

Podbean is the highest rated android podcast app that offers free podcast listening       experience to the user.You have to sign up in order to use the free features. It offers a wide range of podcasts that can satisfy us. In addition to that they have included many innovations to its podcast app such as Live talk shows and the comment section below each podcast. The Live Talk Shows allow both the host and listeners to interact via comment section, they are becoming more like digital FM. Apart from listening they also allow you to post your own podcast for free but it is limited to 5hrs. But you can have access to unlimited bandwidth and storage by buying its premium version. The premium version is Ad-free. If you wanna use a Podcast app that is more innovative, Podbean is the best android podcast app!.

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  1. Podcast Player

Google play store rating : 4.6/5.0

Downloads                      : 10M+

It is a download and list android podcast app which doesn’t require any registration. You can enjoy listening to your favourite podcasts but if you wish to publish your own podcast, you need to sign up. That will not be a great deal when considering the unlimited bandwidth and storage offered by them, This feature makes them the best android podcast app when it comes to publishing your own podcast. The app is loaded with enough podcasts related to news, TV shows, stories etc.

  1. Google podcast

Google play store rating : 4.4/5

Downloads                      : 10M+

Google launched its podcast app in 2018 which, unlike other podcast apps, its features are limited but never inadequate. The size of the application is only 1.9MB making which is very less compared to the other podcast apps. If you are a person who doesn’t wanna overload your already full android device then google podcast is the best android podcast app. The user interface looks very elegant with its white backdrop and is very easy to operate too!

  1. Player FM

Google play store rating : 4.4/5.0

Downloads                      : 5M+


It is not a Radio app.

The Service provider thinks of the name as a fancy word that describes an audio app. Ignoring the name, the Player FM is the best android podcast app for offline usage. The app may ask for sign up at the beginning but you can skip it. The Player FM app offers an advanced user interface different from the conventional UI in other apps. For a  faster adaptation of their UI they provide notes while using the widgets. You can stop using the note feature anytime after learning. It is also compatible with a wide range of devices and platforms including Android Auto, Chromecast, WearOS, TeslaUnread, TalkBack, Samsung Gear S notification, LG quick circle, Music boss, podchaser, drivemode, rockScout and more!.

  1. Spotify

Google play store rating : 4.5/5.0

Downloads                      : 500M+

Wait!. Isn’t that a music app?

Yeah! But apart from millions of songs, it offers podcasts too!

This app requires you to sign-up before using their features. Though spotify is primarily used for songs and music, it does provide a good range of podcasts too! You can use it as a remote control by connecting it to other devices through bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc. You could also log on your spotify account in your PC and use the spotify app in your phone to control remotely.

  1. Pocket Cast.

Google play store rating : 3.8/5.0

Downloads                     : 1M+

It is one of the best android podcast apps that offers free listening. The app has a very good user interface and provides most features like sleep timer, subscription, auto-download of new episodes etc which are offered by other top Podcast apps. You can even discover popular shows in your country. The paid version may provide you features like desktop app, themes and the ability to upload your own podcast.

The above are some of the highest rated Podcast apps available for android users in google play store. Each app described above is unique with some of the features symbolic to their brand. You can choose any app with features that adds to your best interest.

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