5g has just begun, and Apple began to prepare 6g technology

Apple recently teamed up with LG and Google to define the 6G specification, joining the “NextG Alliance” industry. It is a new topic and is expected to hit the consumer market many years later.

There is not much information about the schedule, details or features of 6G, 5G has only been launched in the last two to three years, and most parts of the world are still using the 4G network or have not yet fully provided the features of 5G. But Apple is serious about this type of topic. It had previously bought Intel’s Modem business unit and all intellectual property rights worth intellectual 1 billion.

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Apple launched the first 5G phone in the iPhone 12 series in the last year. All of these phones use Qualcomm modems. But Apple is planning to design its modem so that it can remove Qualcomm components from future phones. Mac is developing its chips and will eventually replace Intel chips on most product lines.

For a long time, the broad end-to-end integration of all parts of the hardware, software and services on the device becomes the core marketing and internal guiding principle of Apple’s product development. The company believes the approach can bring users better products and experiences, but it also enables Apple to rely less and less on other participants’ success.

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With Apple’s financial support and research and development power, 6G will likely have its modem capabilities available and full before it is officially commercialized. So, in the next two or three years, Apple’s new iPhone is likely to be equipped with its own 5G. As a modem-first generation 5G mobile phone, many users at home and abroad have complained since the introduction of the iPhone 12 Battery Life. It is an Apple that focuses on product design and user experience, where you want to use your elements to improve priorities.

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