5 Ways Technology Can Support Your Health Journey

You’ve decided it’s time to tackle your health challenges. Do you want to lose pounds? Are your sugar levels too high? Perhaps you want to better maintain your blood pressure. Many of these wellness concerns can be evaluated and monitored with technology tools, delivering essential data to guide you in making critical wellness decisions. The following are several options to help boost awareness and assess your daily habits.

1. The Smart Watch

Do you know how much you walk each day? Are you as active as you believe? You may think you’re squeezing in enough steps, but you could be falling short of your daily needs. Stop guessing and get accurate information about your cardio time. A smartwatch allows you to track your movements and relays information about how you spend your day. Set goals, and change your habits to meet them.

2. The Fitness App

There are a wealth of diet apps available for phones and tablets. Customers enter their meals, tracking calories and nutrition. Download a free option, and begin inputting right away. Don’t skip anything. It’s essential to document your water, vitamins, and food as much as possible. Look at the calories and the general health information.

Many of these applications break down the number of calories per meal and show the nutritional value for the day. Evaluate it over a week or so to see if any patterns develop. You may eat too many calories, preventing you from losing the extra pounds. Which choices prove problematic? Make an effort to swap them out for something else that satisfies and nourishes.

What about your essential nutrients? Are you getting enough iron? Do you have enough calcium to support bone health? Use this information to decide whether your body needs additional support with vitamin and mineral supplements. Look at the graphs and charts to see if you regularly miss out on something important.

3. The Air Fryer

Who doesn’t love a good french fry at times? Those potatoes deliver comfort and flavor on the best and worst of days. However, if you’re concerned with your waistline, they can prove dangerous since fast food options are packed with saturated fat and sodium. If you need a bit of hominess and want a spud, consider swapping out the drive-thru for an air fryer version.

Medicalnewstoday.com notes the benefits of the device. The air fryer cooks items with little to no grease, reducing the fat content but delivering a solid crisp. Cut your fries, toss them in spray or olive oil (a healthier fat) and drop them into the air fryer until they meet your liking. This method works well for any fried substitute. Reduce the bad and keep the flavor.

4. Get the Upgraded Scale

Few people like to step on a scale. It’s one of those vulnerable moments when you want to close your eyes and think of other things. However, the scale is valuable during weight loss, and the newer tech helps make them more significant than ever.

Tech companies have revolutionized the scale. They no longer tell you only weight. The devices can monitor your body mass index (BMI), water intake and heart rate. Try not to see it as a telling sign that you’re not at your goal. See it as a valuable tool to understand the effect of your weight, diet, and habits. Use the data to create health goals. Step on it at least a few days a week to see if you’re headed in the right direction.

5. Consider a Sleep Monitor

While some fitness trackers monitor sleep, those with serious slumber concerns may want to use one of the innovative sleep monitors on the market. Forbes magazine notes understanding how well you rest is crucial to your “baseline for health.” Learn how long you have shuteye, if you get deep sleep and if you consistently wake up during the evening. The trouble here could influence other areas such as your weight, heart health, and mood.

Health and technology have merged to create a powerful and informative relationship. Use the two to learn more about your current state and find ways to support your wellbeing.

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